What Is a No Code PWA Builder?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 26, 2021

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that marketers love their MarTech. And why wouldn’t we? It’s designed to make marketers’ lives easier. But what becomes tricky is keeping up with the latest trends in tech. Let’s take a look at what a no code PWA builder is, and why you should hop on this latest MarTech trend ASAP. A Brief PWA Tutorial  Before we dive any deeper into this no code web app builder guide, let’s quickly define a Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive Web Apps have taken the world by storm. PWAs are everything you love about native mobile apps combined with all of the benefits of the web. With PWAs, you can ditch the dreaded app store download; users can access PWAs in a multitude of ways. This is made possible because of something called a PWA web app manifest. The web app manifest is the code that populates an app-like icon when the PWA is saved to the user’s home screen and tells the browser to treat it like an app, not a website. Native mobile apps are no longer the best way to go about your mobile strategy. PWAs have faster load times, take up less storage space, and can work offline. And with PWAs, you control the experience. Not the app store. Our Favorite Progressive Web App Examples I’m willing to bet you’ve encountered some of our favorite PWA examples at some point in time. Starbucks, West Elm, Pinterest, and Lilly Pultizer all have PWAs - and the results they’ve seen would make any marketer green with envy. Starbucks doubled its daily users, while Lilly Pultizer saw a 33 percent boost in revenue. Retailers aren’t the only ones creating PWAs. Microsoft has even gotten in on the PWA action. While there’s not a singular Microsoft PWA, Microsoft’s PWA project did include Microsoft Edge PWA support and relaunching Outlook as a PWA. If these big brands have all made the switch to PWAs, why haven’t you? So, What’s a No Code PWA Builder? If you still think only IT and software engineers can build mobile apps, think again. Low-code and no code platforms enable almost anyone to build an app, regardless if they have coding experience. There are many different variations of no code builders you can partner with. An open source no-code app builder enables platform users to take open source code and customize it to their needs. A no code web app builder open source, is exactly that, just with the end product being web apps. There are even no code app builder free platforms one can choose from (spoiler alert: you won’t have to look very hard to find the best free app builder 😉). If you’re looking to create a PWA for the first time, a drag and drop web app builder is another good choice. As the name sounds, a drag and drop app builder open source platform enables the user to rearrange an app’s page by dragging different components up or down. Additionally, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platforms make building an app from scratch a breeze. WYSIWYG app builder software provides a helpful preview of your app before you hit publish. If only life had a similar option. Who’s the Best No Code Web App Builder? So, who was the best no-code app builder 2020? It actually depends on a lot of things. Sure, having a platform to create the best Progressive Web Apps is one thing. The app builder you choose should have a culmination of helpful training sessions, engaging content, and a seamless user experience. Almost anyone can convert a website to a PWA using a web app generator, but if you want to create real value for your users, take advantage of the PWA builder’s resources. After all, your end goal shouldn’t be to drive a high number of app downloads. Your mobile app marketing strategy should focus on increasing returning users by creating an engaging experience with content they actually want. And keeping up with the latest mobile design trends doesn’t hurt either. Ready to take app-building into your own hands? Try building a PWA on the Lumavate platform for free! You could have an app built in just a few hours.

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