How the Real Marketers Podcast Influenced Our Brand

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We saw a lot of change in 2020. For one, we said goodbye to jeans and welcomed sweatpants into our daily routine with open arms. Lumavate was no exception to witnessing change either. We relaunched our podcast, but with a much different take. Instead of focusing the podcast on mobile marketing, we decided to expand it and discuss marketing in general. And by doing so, Lumavate witnessed another change...its brand voice. While taking a behind-the-scenes look at how we produce Real Marketers, Stephanie Cox and I touched on these changes to the podcast and the Lumavate brand. Here’s a breakdown of how the changes to the podcast influenced Lumavate’s brand. Why We Rebranded the Podcast We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Mobile Matters. It was Lumavate’s first podcast and the caliber of guests we had was something experienced podcasters would dream of. I mean, who gets to say they’ve had guests from brands like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, MGM Resorts, Crayola, and so on during their first couple of episodes? Hearing global marketing leaders talk about mobile was a great intro to podcasting. But as we all know, Stephanie has some pretty hot take about marketing...I like to call them “Stephanie’s Rants”. After everything went virtual last year, fireside chats became the new norm. These events were good in theory. They offered a glimpse into our normal life, where we once could discuss marketing in an open forum. The only thing was, these events were downright boring. And many lacked actionable insights marketers could actually use. And that’s when it hit us...what if we created a place for marketers who were also over these types of events. What if we rebranded the podcast for REAL marketers, not the ones who only talk about marketing and give vague advice on LinkedIn. What if we called our show, Real Marketers? So, that’s what we did. The Impact on Lumavate’s Brand Listen, we’re not one to brag. We’re based in the Midwest - being humble is second-nature at this point. But how could we not share the outpour of positive feedback we received after the launch of our new show. We always knew there was a lack of community for marketers, but we didn’t realize just how much marketers needed this outlet. After a couple dozen DMs, we realized we had something special with Real Marketers. While we were busy creating a brand new podcast, it just so happens we were also in the process of updating the Lumavate website (I think we are indeed crazy). The punchier tone of our new show quickly started to seep into the Lumavate brand during this process. We’re humans marketing to humans. Marketing messages shouldn’t be boring just because you’re in the B2B space. Once we started leaning more into the new brand voice, we never looked back. The REAL Marketers Community Remember when I said Stephanie has a lot of crazy ideas? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. During one of our meetings, she had brought up the idea of creating a community for marketers, where members could share their stories, offer advice, and not feel the need to sugarcoat things. We landed on creating a Slack group appropriately named, REAL Marketers. No matter if you’re in content, digital, mobile, design, or just want to post about your MarTech stack, there’s something in it for everyone. Marketing isn’t a secret recipe and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. And no one knows this better than a REAL Marketer. Come join the other marketers in the REAL Marketers community and be sure to subscribe to the podcast. It’s basically marketing’s inner circle.

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