The Must-have Channel for Your Marketing Strategy

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by Averi Easley | Last Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Consumers are on their phones more than ever before and according to MarTech Series. 70 percent of mobile phone owners are spending three to six hours a day on their device. With hours being spent on their mobile devices, consumers are constantly being inundated with noise on social media, ads, etc.  What does this mean for marketers? In order to capture the attention of consumers, they’ll need a different way to engage with consumers.  Sending text messages to consumers is a great way to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty. With an average open rate of 98 percent and most individuals reading a text message within three minutes, mobile is the channel to engage with your customers on.  Using our Mobile Opt-in Template, you can easily enable your customers to opt-in to receive your brands’ SMS messages. This Template also ensures that your brand meets all messaging compliance requirements, along with automatically taking care of double opt-ins.  Our Mobile Opt-in Template has the following functionality: To use our Mobile Opt-in Template in Lumavate’s Audiences, follow these steps:  Our Mobile Opt-in Template provides you with the ability to easily have your customers opt in to receive text messages from your company. To see how the Mobile Opt-in template can work for your brand, text SPARTANMOBILE 586828*. *Msg & data rates may apply. May receive up to 2 msgs. Reply HELP to 586828 for help. Text STOP to 586828 to cancel. For terms and privacy, click here to learn more.

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