Use Fun Mobile Recipe Experiences for Post-purchase Engagement

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by Matt Labus | Last Updated: Jul 5, 2018

We’ve all had that grocery shopping moment when we are forced to decide between two or three brands of the exact same product. Let’s be honest, for most shoppers today, it’s not about which pasta brand they like comes down to which one is on sale! In order for CPG brands to garner a little loyalty among those sales shoppers, they need to provide a really memorable post-purchase experience for the consumer. In fact, consumers who believe personalized experiences with brands are appealing are 10 times more likely to make more than 15 transactions of that brand per year. One easy way to ensure that your brand can cash in after they’ve checked out is to provide something more spectacular than a couple of lines of a basic recipe on the back of the packaging–what if you could make that experience jump off the box and into their hand to create a customer experience that is really memorable? How is that possible? Mobile, of course!. Let’s Make the Post-Purchase Moment Unforgettable Okay, back to Italian food. You’re in your kitchen and you flip the pasta box over to find the typical pasta recipe, but right next to it is also a QR code. You simply scan the code with your phone’s camera, and boom! You’re taken directly to a branded mobile experience that’s filled with everything you need in the kitchen. The landing page could pepper you with a few questions to understand you a little better like: What type of pasta are you in the mood for? How long do you have for preparation and cooking? Then, the site could produce a couple of options for trendy, delicious recipes to make your meal better than you ever thought. This is exactly the type of experience you could provide for your customer when integrating mobile into their customer journey! From QR code to a dish fit for a king, use mobile to guide your customer to culinary perfection. The Influence of a Quick Video It’s safe to say people are obsessive over food accounts on Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram–some of them have 100 million followers! Just search the web for popular food accounts and see for yourself! But be careful, most of these are very addictive accounts that will leave you unbelievably hungry! The most popular style of content on these accounts is simply creating a “snack-sized video” that shows the process of someone cooking something delicious. Well, your brand can do the exact same thing! Imagine: You just bought some burgers for the weekend for you 4th of July cookout, and you want to spice things up this year and turn some heads at the party. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to find a quick text code on the hamburger packaging that provides branded videos that tell you exactly what you need to buy to create your culinary masterpiece? By providing these little snack-sized videos to your consumers, you’re allowing them to see options for outside-the-box ways to prepare and make amazing burgers, and then turn the power over to them to become the ultimate grill master. And when their friends ask for the recipe...your brand is going to be the first thing on their grocery list! Use Snapchat to Your Advantage Snapchat has over 195 million daily active users who have been using their time to watch more than 10 billion videos per day! But what you may not realize is that Snapchat isn’t just for friends and selfie’s the perfect place for brands to reach their younger audiences. Snapchat allows brands to reach the mobile audience, where one-third of all eCommerce purchases take place. There’s an enormous opportunity for brands to market their products and show off some awesome recipes by creating simple interactive cooking tutorials on Snapchat. Utilizing snap stories to show consumers how to effectively navigate a recipe is a fun and modern way to convince people to use–and repurchase!–your brand. Mobile marketing is a powerful post-purchase tool, especially for CPG brands! Driving brand loyalty by reaching consumers on mobile is one of the most crucial parts of the marketing journey. If you want shoppers purchasing your products, having a wonderful post-purchase experience, and finally coming back to the store to buy the same product over and over again, then using mobile could give you that post-purchase edge you need to outperform the competition, and provide some memorable experiences in the kitchen!

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