Mobile Brand Crushes: This Just Can’t Be Summer Love

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We’re not shy about this crush we have. We like to think this brand is the king of mobile. In fact, you may have seen us gushing about them before. Think you’ve got it? That’s right everyone, we’ve got a mobile brand crush on Burger King. Because they continuously pull some amazing stunts with their mobile marketing strategy, our crush might last a bit longer than a summer fling. After reading some of the tricks they’ve had up their sleeves this year, you might even begin to feel weak in the knees for them too. 😍 Blast from the Past If you’ve watched The Office (who hasn’t?) you’ll probably remember the scene where the team is in the conference room ‘listening’ to Michael pitch a few ideas. What Michael doesn’t know is the team isn’t actually enthralled with his quarterly plans; they’re watching the DVD logo bounce around the TV behind him. Burger King took a note from the ‘vintage’ DVD screensaver with its ad for the QR Whopper. When the ad played, viewers could whip out their mobile phones to scan the floating QR code. Viewers were eager to interact with this mobile marketing campaign in hopes of ditching their week-old banana bread with a free Whopper for lunch. Home Sweet Home I am a homebody. My idea of paradise is ordering takeout for dinner and watching hours of Netflix. Prior to March of this year, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this every day?” I guess the saying, “Careful for what you wish for,” is true. Staying home to slow the spread of Covid-19 proved to be difficult for us all. But being stuck in your home proves to be a little sweeter with the promise of a free burger. In Brazil, Burger King utilized geolocation technology to reward consumers who ordered from the safety of their homes with the Lockdown Whopper. And the more time you spend in self-isolation, the more rewards you get on their mobile app. Staying safe and winning free food sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Dance Off There’s a new video-sharing app that is sweeping the world right now. It currently has 800 million users and on average, people spend about 52 minutes per day scrolling. We’re talking about TikTok...ever heard of it? One of the most popular forms of content on TikTok is dance challenges. You’ve likely witnessed your friends, family, or admittedly even yourself trying to recreate a viral TikTok dance. Even though these videos are usually around 30 seconds long, learning the choreography for some of these dances will make you feel like you’re auditioning to star in Hamilton. Regardless of the difficulty (can you tell I’m bitter about my dance skills?), users will spend hours rehearsing in the hopes of making it viral; or in this case, winning a Whopper for a dollar. Burger King created their own song for users to engage with their brand on the popular app. To score a discounted burger, users have to be following the King and share a video of themselves dancing to the different ways you can style a Whopper. 2020 is proving to be a very weird year. Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?  Ronald McDonald and The King are not exactly as thick as thieves. Burger King has a long history of trolling the Golden Arches with numerous mobile marketing campaigns that reward consumers for choosing a Whopper over a Big Mac. It appears as if the feud isn’t going to subside this year. In Finland, Burger King has targeted Helsinki residents that are located near a McDonald’s restaurant. By partnering with Wolt, a food delivery service, consumers will receive free delivery when they pledge their loyalty to the King. 👑 Burger King isn’t just a summer-fling for us. They consistently impress us with their comical ways of enticing consumers to engage with their brand. Interested in seeing who else we’re crushin’ on? Stayed tuned for more brands whose mobile marketing ideas make us swoon.

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