Mobile Brand Crushes: Halloween Edition

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Welcome to this spooky edition of our mobile brand crush series. This week we are focusing on brands that are crushing it with their Halloween campaigns. 🎃 Treat Town 🍫 What’s my dream, you ask? Living in an alternate universe where eating candy 24/7 is acceptable. But unfortunately, that isn’t my reality - but what Mars Wrigley just launched might be a close second. To state the obvious: Halloween will look a little different this year. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, which hinders our normal concept of trick-or-treating. So if there’s no trick-or-treating, there’s no candy, right? Not if Mars Wrigley can help it. Mars Wrigley created Treat Town, a mobile app where you can decorate a virtual home with Halloween decorations, and receive (or distribute) candy vouchers. I downloaded the Treat Town app (for research purposes, of course) to see what this community was all about. Users can decorate front doors and porches to bring your wildest Halloween dreams come to life. Once committing to decor (which is really hard, by the way), users can place their doors on a map for virtual trick-or-treating. Instead of passing out real candy, users who chose to purchase ‘virtual candy’ are essentially handing out candy credits for people to purchase candy in-stores. Not only is Treat Town a great activity for kids, but it’s also a safe way for children to still get the Halloween experience this year, just from the comfort of their homes. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to get back to decorating my virtual house. Boorito 👻 I have been participating in Chipotle Boorito’s event since high school. Fun fact: you need to pay attention to the hours. I made the mistake one year of going to Chipotle dressed in my costume before the actual Boorito hours began. I’m happy (read: eternally embarrassed) I was able to make a few restaurant-goers chuckle that day. If you're an avid Boorito attendee, you know just how long the lines are. During a separate year, I once stood in line for over an hour to get my reduced price burrito (what can I say, I’m dedicated). But standing in a long line of people isn’t exactly advised this year (you know, because of the pandemic?). So instead of hosting its typical Boorito event, Chipotle is switching things up a bit. Rather than having consumers come to Chipotle stores dressed in costume, Chipotle is offering BOGO burritos on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to still be used on Halloween.  If you’re like me and make this annual event a tradition, I’d suggest you act fast; Chipotle is only giving away 500,000 BOGO codes via text. Party On (Safely) 🧛‍♂️ Sticking with our virtual trick-or-treat theme, Party City wants in on the action - they’re teaming up with Nextdoor to deliver an unforgettable Halloween experience with augmented reality (AR).  According to a Nextdoor survey, 73 percent of people want an alternative to trick-or-treating this year. So what better alternative to actual trick-or-treating than a virtual treat map? Using the phone’s camera, users can bring to life Halloween themed “Virtual Visitors” in their homes or neighborhoods. Users can then post their findings on the Nextdoor app and locate the nearest Party City location to unlock all of the characters. Spoiler alert: AR doesn’t have to be just a Halloween initiative. Check out how these brands are already using AR in their mobile marketing strategies.

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