May Product Release: Upgraded App Gallery and Biweekly Product Releases

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: May 20, 2021

May is an exciting time for people in the Indy area. We can finally wave goodbye to snow for the season (fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon) and the Indy 500 is just around the corner. It’s also been quite the month here at Lumavate. In the past two weeks, we’ve released a ton of new integrations to the Lumavate Library, welcomed two new tech veterans to Lumavate’s Board of Managers, and announced Stephanie Cox will be stepping into the role as Lumavate’s new President. But that’s not all….we’re back today with another product release! Say Hello to New Starter Kits We’re all for making your life easier when it comes to building an app without code, and we’ve designed four new Starter Kits to prove that. Added to Your Queue: New On-demand Training Videos If I had a dollar for every time I have Googled “How do I…”, I would be a millionaire. Between an endless to-do list, numerous Zoom meetings, and everything in between, we know you can’t always attend a live training session. That’s why we’ve created a TON of help videos you can watch anytime you want! On-demand videos in this release include: View the entire list of on-demand videos here. Introducing the New App Gallery It seems like yesterday when we introduced the App Gallery; now, it’s getting a bit of a refresh! The App Gallery received a spiffy upgrade so you can more easily search through over 20 Starter Kits. Now, you can filter by App Use Case, Industry, and even Starter Kit Availability. Get Ready for More Thought we were done? Think again! From this point forward, you can expect more a lot more. Every other Thursday, you’ll see a release from us with additional product enhancements, Starter Kits, videos, and more! Think of it as the Oprah meme, but with product releases instead of cars. Cheers to one heck of a month. Keep your eyes peeled for a ton of new exciting items in the future! Check out the video below to learn even more of what’s included in this release! P.S. We’re hiring! Check out how you can join our amazing team here.

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