Why Marketers and Developers Love the Lumavate Platform

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by Tim Butler | Last Updated: Dec 5, 2017

As a longtime software engineer for a few enterprise software companies, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with marketing teams that needed changes made to digital assets extremely quickly. Now trust me, I get it. I know that branding and content are important, but I know that most developers/software engineers would prefer to work on developing new functionality rather than making content changes. And I definitely know that marketers would prefer to be able to make these changes on their own without having to wait on our team to do it. So, how do we solve this ongoing tension between marketers and IT while meeting both of their needs: beautifully branded digital properties that can be updated at a moment's notice and have the security and scale requirements necessary for IT? That's where Lumavate comes in. Our platform was built to truly be used by both marketers and developers. When architecting the platform, our team (made of up-of you guessed it-marketers and developers) knew we wanted to create an environment that allowed marketers to easily create and update mobile experiences on their own schedule while also enabling developers to create custom widgets for marketers to use in the platform as needed. For Designers... It means allowing marketers to create cloud-based mobile apps from start to finish, without having to use a single line of code. This enables them to meet quick deadlines without having to put more work on IT’s plate. Imagine a world where marketers could dream up a mobile experience that would engage their customers and promote their brand, then they could actually build it...themselves. Without requiring any help from IT. It’s the power that can only come with a WYSIWYG platform like Lumavate! For Developers... As for developers? With marketers owning the designing and publishing of the cloud-based mobile apps,  they have more time to focus their efforts on more meaningful IT-related projects such as  creating amazing custom widgets for the Lumavate platform or other business initiatives. And, to save even more time, Lumavate takes care of technical compliance to ensure that every Progressive Web App requirement is fulfilled and up-to-date with Google’s standards, so developers never have to worry about these aspects of the mobile experience. Our platform empowers marketers with a way to design, publish, and manage their own mobile experiences while also providing IT departments with all of the enterprise-level platform requirements they want and need. I know I'm a little biased, but I'd easily bet that it's the first platform that both designers and developers will love. If you're interested in learning more about our platform, create an account on the Lumavate platform today! 

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