Every Product Marketers’ Dream: Making it Simple to Manage and Reuse Content

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by Nick Brems | Last Updated: Aug 30, 2022

If you think about it, product marketers are at the intersection of everything - they are in the middle of it all and working to make sense of it in their organization. They appreciate the challenge of learning all the intricacies of their audience, market, and of course, the product division they support. But they also contend with unrealistic deadlines and too little time, resources, and bandwidth to complete everything. Especially when trying to make things as simple and easy to manage. For example, when it comes to refreshing a digital experience, efficiency is critical. Plus, in an ideal scenario, the product marketer wants a way to make the building and management of digital experiences simple and intuitive.  Housing images, documents, and forms in one central location for digital experiences is a way to save time and efficiency when updating your experience. But what happens when you need to update product specs, such as a boilerplate, for over 60 different experiences with a tight deadline? What about updating the warranty information for every single product you market? If the division’s customer service number changes, will you manually update every live digital experience already in the market? With Content from Text, the days of manually updating your copy and pasted text are gone. The most recent update to Lumavate Content is its text functionality. Users can create and edit both plain text and rich text within the Platform, and text can be reused across unlimited digital experiences with text styling controlled at the experience level. This allows for true reusability of the text while also providing the flexibility to stylize the same content in various ways based on how it’s used within a digital experience. It is compatible with all of our components containing a text feature, whether Rich Text or Plain Text. From our Rich Text component to our Card or Button components, marketers have true reusability of text while also providing the flexibility of a one-stop shop for getting their experiences finished on time. The setup is simple, and the payoff is extraordinary  Setup: Copy the text you wish to use in your digital experience(s), add a new text entry in your Lumavate CMS, select Rich or Plain text, and paste. It’s that simple! You can do it directly from our headless CMS if you wish to update your text. Payoff: With your text set up in content, you can refer to text across experiences with the push of a button. You can update it from one location as well. Now, when there is any uniform text content that needs to be fixed, removed, or updated, by simply updating the text in content, all experiences using it will automatically be updated simultaneously. Text content will arguably take up the most space in your digital experiences, so it makes sense that it would also take up the most time. Lumavate’s Content from Text feature can save you time creating and updating your experiences. For example, when legal information for a product needs to be changed in multiple experiences, users used to have to adjust the experiences and republish these changes manually. By utilizing our new Content from Text update, tedious text updates will become a thing of the past. So marketers can focus on what matters most, maximizing product marketing priorities and supporting their customers. Lumavate is there every step of the way to make the experience smoother.

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