Lumavate Launches Content Management System Making it Simple for Organizations to Manage and Reuse Various Types of Content

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by Erin Zwirn | Last Updated: Jul 13, 2022

 Lumavate Content Makes It Even Easier to Create and Manage Engaging Digital Experiences 

 Lumavate, a SaaS company making it easy for everyone to create powerful digital experiences, announced the launch of its content management system (CMS).  Lumavate Content makes it simple for organizations to manage and reuse various types of content across an unlimited number of digital experiences.

As part of Lumavate’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP),  organizations can now add, manage, and reuse images, documents, forms, text, and more across any digital experience built using the platform. This functionality also seamlessly integrates with all of the existing 150+ design elements, making it simple for users to take advantage of Lumavate Content. Additionally, any updates made to items in Lumavate Content are automatically updated in the digital experiences using the content. 

One standout in Lumavate Content is its text functionality. Users can create and edit both plain text and rich text within Lumavate Content. These pieces of text can be reused across multiple digital experiences with text styling controlled at the experience level. This allows for true reusability of the text while also providing the flexibility to stylize the same content in various ways based on how it’s being used within a digital experience. Organizations can utilize this functionality for common reusable text ranging from company boilerplates to product descriptions to button call-to-actions. 

“At Lumavate, we are always looking for ways to make the creation and management of digital experiences simple and intuitive for our customers, and the launch of our own CMS is the next step in that journey for us,” said  Stephanie Cox, CEO of Lumavate. 

These new content management features enable the flexibility to create and manage all types of digital experiences and empower organizations to: 

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