Lumavate Exhibits at MODEX 2016

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Apr 4, 2015

Lumavate®, a mobile engagement platform built  exclusively for manufacturers, will attend MODEX 2016 booth 3729 in Atlanta, GA April 4-7th.

Lumavate’s cloud based platform makes it easy for manufacturers to deliver branded mobile experiences with their products that provide access to multi-media content and engagement channels for marketing, service, and support teams. Using the analytics and reporting features, manufacturers can monitor the success of their mobile engagement strategies.

“We are excited to showcase our platform at MODEX 2016. Lumavate fills a real void which is an easy-to-use platform that enables manufacturers to execute mobile engagement strategies around the use and service of their products.” Paul McGrath, CEO, Lumavate.

Mobile moments with products are happening whether brands are controlling the experience or not. Mobile users are interacting with Google, YouTube, Amazon and other online resources to get answers when they need them.  Lumavate helps companies like First Build (a joint partnership with GE) and MobileDrill International deliver crucial product information when and where users need it most.

In order to control the message, companies need a solution to manage it. Lumavate’s mobile engagement platform helps manufacturers’ easily transform the way they engage users. 

“Lumavate helps companies mobilize their supply chain by providing mission critical information when and where users need it most. “ Paul McGrath, CEO, Lumavate

About Lumavate:

Lumavate transforms the way manufacturers engage their users by supporting crucial mobile moments that happen throughout the lifecycle of the product. Lumavate’s cloud based platform helps manufacturers and distributors easily execute mobile strategies that deliver model specific information, engage end-users and analyze key data related to your product’s usage. 

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