Let’s Talk About Bringing Your PWA to Life!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Do you have an app idea? Great, we want to help you bring it to life, that’s kind of our “thing” here at Lumavate. We’ve built a no-code, point and click platform that takes all of the hard stuff (like writing code for hours) out of building an app. So now you’re thinking, what does that mean? How can I build my dream app? We’ve got all the answers for you just keep scrolling!  I have no experience coding or have never made an app. Can I use your platform? Yes, you’re our favorite type of person! Our platform is point and click, drag and drop making it super easy to make an app. No code necessary! What is a PWA? PWA stands for Progressive Web App, PWAs are hosted on the web using a URL. These apps do not need to be downloaded by a user. Save that precious storage space for more pictures of your cat! Will my app be in the App Store? No, because it is a PWA it will not live in the App Store. No more jumping through hoops with Apple or Android to approve or make changes to your app! How will users access my app? You build it and they will come… well kind of, you still have to tell them about it. Lumavate will provide a unique QR and text activation code that your users will use to access the app. You just have to get out there and tell the world you’ve made something super cool! How much is this going to cost me? We think everyone should be able to create an awesome app so we offer one Studio and five apps to any email address for free! To get access to exciting and more complex features and Starter Kits we do have upgraded paid accounts, check ‘em out Can I invite my colleagues and friends to help me build my app? Yes, teamwork makes the dream work! Invite your work bestie and your favorite idea guy from college into your Studio to create! These are just the basics, the real magic happens in the Studio where you can add Components and make your idea come to life. If you ever come up with more questions, fear not, our Support Team is just an email, chat or live training away!

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