How to Build an App Without Coding

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021

I don’t know if there is anything more intimidating than a blank page. When you’re starting a new project it can be hard to get going, to break through the stress of marking on a clean blank page. But you have to start somewhere and we want to help! By the end of this, you’ll be saying, “Wow that was easy! Why was I so worried about starting?” Make your idea come to life with Lumavate and our no-code, point and click app building platform. Once more for the people in the back-- NO-CODE App Building!!  Creating an App When learning how to build an app without code, the first step is to create an app. Log into your Studio, click the green plus sign at the bottom right of your screen. Complete all of the prompts like App Name and then hit create! Wow just like that you’ve made an app! Pat yourself on the back! Make it Look Good! We always recommend you start in the Branding Section, although you can start just about anywhere. The Branding Section is where you will make this app look like your product. You’ll select the font and color palette that will populate on each page. This way you spend less time looking up HEX Codes and more time creating.  This is also where you can set up your Header, Footer and FAB. We typically suggest waiting until you’ve created a few key pages before setting these up. It’s much easier to create them once you have pages you want to link to! Add the Bells and Whistles!  The Pages and Components will make your app sing. To add a page you’ll just click the white plus sign next to your app's name. Yes, it was that easy! Now you’re ready to start adding the fun stuff, components! We’ve got so many amazing Components that will wow your users. Some are more flashy than others, like the social components or interactive image and others may seem Plane-Jane but they will give your app the professional look you didn’t know you wanted, like Card Carousel, Avatars, or Rich Text. Just click the little green plus sign at the bottom right of your screen, pick your component and it will copy into your app. Say it again a little louder this time-- that was easy! Add Until You Feel Complete! Add and customize your Pages and Components until you have created the masterpiece you imagined in your mind. If you stumble upon a question as you’re working, fear not, the Lumavate support team has your back! You can click the question mark icon at the top right of the screen to read help content on the component you have selected. Or if you’d rather talk to a real person directly click the chat icon and chat away or email the team!  Cue the Confetti- You’re ready to Publish! 🎉 It is time! Your app looks great, it works great, and it was so easy to make, which was great. Once you’re feeling good and you’re ready to show it to the world, click Publish. If you were wondering, yes there is a theme here, MAN THAT WAS EASY! Now you just need to market your app to amaze your users. Don’t worry once you’ve Published you can always make edits. We know you want to have the latest and greatest Components so we’re constantly adding to the Library. When you feel like your app needs a refresh, pop in, make the edits, and click Publish again. Becoming the best no code app builder wasn't so hard, was it?  Check out this quick on-demand training video on how to create an app without coding!  

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