Friday, June 4, 2021

June Product Release: The Summer of the Lumavate Library

Hey there! 👋  It’s us, Lumavate, again! We’re back with more exciting product releases! You may be thinking “I thought they just released new products?” That’s because we did and we want to keep them coming with a new bi-weekly release schedule. So no more chit-chat let’s just into what is new!

Say Hello to the New Component and Feature Gallery!

Our Component and Feature Gallery are the new kids on the block! We know marketers are always looking for the best solution to make their jobs easier and we want to be that solution. In the new Component and Feature Gallery you can check out all of the good stuff and get a teaser of all there is to explore inside the Studio!

Springboard Your App with New Starter Kits!

We’ve been brainstorming about you and all the amazing apps you’re going to build on our platform. We want to make it easier than just no-code so we’ve got five new Starter Kits waiting for you to customize!

  • Capital Campaign – Engage donors in your cause 
  • Spokesperson – Show off your amazing Spokesperson to the world
  • Conference Exhibitor – Excite conference attendees 
  • Social Impact Report – Set goals and share how your company is doing
  • Office Building Navigation – Guide visitors around your office building

Learn When You’re Ready!

Making time to attend online training can be hard with all you’re juggling and we get that. This is why we’ve released four new on-demand training videos all about incorporating components into your app and making dynamic designs so you can watch them when you’re ready! 

New Components are waiting to be put into your app! I polled our team and we agreed our favorites were Dropdown Navigation and the Checklist. You can check out the full list of new Components here

We’ve got to jump back to work on the next release, two weeks from now. Check out the video below to learn more about this release and we’ll see you again soon!