Why a Free No Code App Builder Is a Marketer's Best Friend

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 6, 2021

What’s something you couldn’t live without? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you said your phone. That’s okay, I did too. Every person I know is addicted to mobile. I start to panic when I’m without my phone for more than an hour. But besides our phones, there’s another thing marketers can’t live without. It’s a free no code app builder, and once you read why marketers love this technology, you’ll change your answer to my first question. It’s Budget-friendly  Who doesn’t love to save money? It’s why I make a beeline to the sales section of any store. So hearing marketers are searching for tips on how to create an app for free or free app building software doesn’t surprise me. A free app maker will give you room in the budget for other things, like new marketing swag (because who doesn’t love a new sweatshirt?). App building software doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, the best app builder won’t cost you anything to start an account! There’s no excuse for not implementing the best free app builder into your mobile marketing strategy. You’re In Control If there’s one thing marketers love more than their tech stack, it’s control. We’ve seen too many email signatures that aren’t in compliance with our brand standards, or pitch decks that have had a few ‘tweaks’ that weren’t approved by marketing. Understandably, when marketers outsource their mobile app to either IT or a mobile app agency, there may be some things lost in translation. When you invest in app builder software, you’re removing the headache from the app development process because you’re in control. No code and low-code platforms are designed for people who may not have any experience coding. Drag-and-drop functionality makes creating an app extremely intuitive. It’s On Your Timeline No one likes to have their flaws pointed out...so my next statement may hurt some of your feelings. Marketers are impatient creatures (me included). How many times have we avoided talking to compliance or the legal department about our current campaign because we wanted to get it out the door immediately? And I’m willing to bet you’ve lost count with how many times IT has scolded you for moving too fast. Yes, marketers may move too fast, but it’s in our nature to do so. With a low-code or no code app maker, gone are the days of waiting with bated breath for IT to fulfill your request. You control the timeline for your mobile project. With traditional app development, IT isn’t the only one you’re typically waiting on. The app store is notorious for slowing down the publishing process, especially if you don’t comply with one of their million rules. When you partner with the best free app builder 2020 (spoiler alert: you won’t have to look very far to find it 😉 ), you could be building a Progressive Web App (PWA). With PWAs, you don’t have to deal with the dreaded app store anymore. You can finally take back control of your mobile experience. You’re Able to Pivot Quickly The only thing that moves faster than marketers is consumer behavior. Remember back to early 2020 when toilet paper and bread makers were flying off the shelves? Hopefully, we’re over that stage for good. Consumer trends can change at the drop of a hat, so marketers need to be well equipped with the right technology to pivot just as quickly. Marketers can’t afford to wait weeks or even months to catch up to consumer demands (especially now). With our world changing faster than ever, you need the ability to make real-time changes to your brand’s mobile experience without putting in additional requests to IT or waiting for the app store to approve your requests. There’s more to being the best app creator than just dragging and dropping a few features onto a page. There’s a lot of design trends one has to be aware of if you want users to fall in love with your mobile app. Lucky for you, we put together a guide of everything you need to know about the latest mobile design trends. Check it out for yourself here.

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