Everything You Need To Know Before Hitting That Publish Button

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Aug 10, 2021

You’ve been working in the Studio and are feeling good about the Progressive Web App (PWA) you’ve made. Honestly, you’re a little shocked by how easy it was, since it was completely no-code. Now it’s time to start thinking about hitting that Publish button. Before you tap your mouse and the confetti falls let’s talk about everything you need to know before your app is live.  This Isn’t The End Of Editing ✏️ Publishing your PWA from a PWA Builder sounds official because the world now has access to your app, which is awesome! The Publish button is not a “hit it and forget it” button. Just because you’ve Published does not mean you can never touch your app again (in fact, we encourage constant iteration). We know you are always updating and thinking of better and brighter ideas so we’ve made it easy for you to keep updating your app. Even after hitting Publish, you can still make edits in the Studio. We actually recommend hitting Publish so you can activate your app on your device and test out the user experience before you tell the world you’ve made something super cool.  If you do make edits to an already Published app the world won’t see them until you click Publish again. This way you can keep a version of your app in the hands of users while making edits behind the scenes. Once the new version is ready click Publish again and the new app will be live. Make edits and Publish as many times as you need, the world moves fast and your PWA can keep up! No App Store, No Problem! 💁‍♀️ Once you’ve hit Publish the world can now activate your app! Lumavate supports four different activation methods, so your users will find the right fit for them! The real beauty of building a PWA is that it won’t appear in the Apple or Google Play store. All of those hoops native app builders have to jump through to get their app visible to users are not even a blip on your radar.  PWAs function on the web so users with download fatigue won’t yawn at the idea of using your app. They will simply click a link, text a code or scan a QR Code and like magic, they’re in your app! We like making your life easier and getting users into your app with less hassle is one of our favorite things.  Clicking the Publish button might seem intimidating but just remember the road to an amazing app doesn’t end with a click!  

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