These Must-have Enterprise Apps Examples Could Change Your Business

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Our world is now completely digital. But I probably didn’t have to tell you that. We are well over eight months into the pandemic that caused a major shift in our daily lives. Who would have thought we would be having weekly Zoom calls with our grandparents, ordering groceries off Instacart every week, and working from home indefinitely? Digital transformation has skyrocketed this year. Industries that have historically been reluctant to change have been forced to adopt new strategies due to the pandemic. Larger companies that are notorious for moving slowly when it comes to innovation are moving faster than ever, including enterprise companies. Marketers typically aren’t able to move as fast as they’d like to in larger organizations (there’s typically a lot of red tape involved), until now. With our world evolving faster than ever, let’s take a look at some enterprise apps examples that you can integrate into your mobile marketing strategy today while we still have momentum. Less Email, More Mobile Raise your hand if you hate email. Now, this next one is for marketers - raise your hand if you hate it when your coworkers don’t read your emails. There’s hate on both sides. The average person receives around 100 emails per day, and 55 percent of these are opened on mobile. So how do we fix this? With an internal communications mobile app. Companies that use enterprise systems, such as an internal communications app, have proven to yield higher engagement from employees than traditional communication methods. Some of the benefits of enterprise systems, such as developing an internal communications app include, consistent messaging, increased transparency from management, and higher employee satisfaction. But enterprise software examples aren’t limited to just messaging. Welcoming a new employee in the new world is strange. There is usually a day’s long onboarding process an individual would have to sit through. That’s not happening this year. Enterprise applications examples, such as internal communications and onboarding, are enabling organizations to conduct business as usual when we are all working from the safety of our homes. The Main Event How many virtual events have you attended this year? I lost count after five. I had so many virtual events I had registered for online, I found it difficult to keep track of all the information tied to that event. And unlike in-person events, it was hard to get as excited to attend a virtual conference. Adding to our list of enterprise application services is an events app for enterprise organizations. Unlike smaller or mid-sized companies, enterprise organizations have the resources to create one-off event app experiences. And what better way to engage with attendees than a Progressive Web App (PWA) users can save to their home screens without taking up a ton of storage? With PWAs, there doesn’t have to be an enterprise application vs web application debate. They can be one and the same. A Behind the Scenes Look I am someone who likes to know the backstory on a lot of things. It’s one of the reasons why I love the podcast, Stuff You Should Know, so much. Now that we’ve explored some enterprise, let’s have a look behind the curtain of some of these enterprise systems examples. As you may know, there are various types of SaaS. We just looked at some employee engagement examples, but other enterprise computing software examples include content management systems, email marketing systems, and project management systems, to name a few. Because the list of enterprise services examples is endless, the list of enterprise SaaS companies looks very similar. But not all enterprise software companies are made equal. Did you know you didn’t have to be a developer to create an app from scratch? With a low-code platform, you can bypass IT and take your mobile strategy into your own hands. There’s a ton of business value of enterprise systems you’ve created yourself. For starters, there’s no one else in the organization that knows your department as well as you. You can decide on the features, pages, and content that goes into your app when you create it on an enterprise low-code platform (spoiler alert: you won’t have to look very far to find one 😉). Do you dare to create a mobile app for your enterprise organization? See why using a no code app builder is better for organizations.

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