4 Ways to Elevate Your Mobile Design

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Remember when you were a kid and would spend hours playing with building blocks? You would just let your imagination run wild and build anything you wanted. Well, I am here to tell you that building an app really isn’t that different. When using a no-code app builder, building an app is just as easy and fun as playing with building blocks. It is possible to make your craziest mobile marketing dreams come true when you are using a no-code platform. And to make it even easier for you I’m going to give you some basic mobile design tips so you not only can build the app of your dreams but also the app of your users’ dreams. Logical Layout First things first, your app needs to have a layout that makes sense to users. When a user first gets into your app they will quickly decide if it is worth their time. If they cannot easily navigate the app and find the information they need, it is unlikely that they will be a returning visitor. One way that you can easily organize information is by using a collapsible navigation layout. Collapsible navigation is a way that you can communicate a lot of content in a clear and concise way. Using this page design lets you create categories and subcategories that link to other pages within the app. This will quickly direct users to exactly where they need to go without them having to weed through a ton of information. It’s also important to consider the size and contrast of the buttons within your collapsible navigation. You should always ensure the buttons are clearly defined and large enough for someone to click them without accidentally clicking something else. The color contrast should also make it easy for users to read. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words When thinking about how you want to convey information to your users, sometimes a picture is more valuable than text. If your app has a ton of content, swapping text out for a picture, graph, infographic, etc. is a great way to provide the same amount of information in a form that is easier to look at. Using image cards where you can, or including a short caption or interactive images that call out key areas of the image are both great ways to do this. Having a mix of images and words throughout your app is a simple way to make your content more digestible. Avoid Data Overload Don’t make your users put in extra work to interpret your data, do it for them! If you are using your app to provide any sort of numbers to users, for example, pricing options, nutritional info on a menu, or event dates, you can use a table to neatly organize all of your data. You want to make sure that all of the labels in your table are clearly defined, and it is easy for users to follow the rows and columns to get where they need to go. Branding is Key Finally, with most app builders, including Lumavate, you will have the option to bring in your brand’s colors, logo, fonts, etc. I recommend taking advantage of all branding and customization options that are offered to you in the app platform. The more cohesive you can make your app look, the better. Bringing your branding into your app will help create a cohesive look while also reinforcing your brand to users. The biggest takeaway when it comes to mobile app design is that you want to make navigation as easy as possible. Creating a layout that makes sense, using a mix of images and text, organizing data, and creating a cohesive look throughout your app are just a few ways that you can provide the best experience possible to your users. If you want more design tips you can check out Lumavate’s Design Gallery and Mobile Design Swipe File.

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