Saturday, June 27, 2020

Who in Your Organization Can Create Web Applications Without Coding

Building apps without coding or minimal coding has become a sure way to make your organization competitive and agile. But you may wonder who exactly in your organization can build web applications without coding. Do they need to get certified? How long will it take to train them? Can they only build web apps on no-code platforms? And I’m sure the questions don’t stop there if you are new to the idea of no-code app builders. Let’s first do a quick refresh on what makes no-code app development platforms accessible and user friendly to all and then we will talk about who in your organization can build out these types of apps. 

No Code Platforms

There has been an increase in the number of low code and no-code platforms over the past few years. These mobile app builders allow non-developers to help their organizations build out apps quicker than relying on IT to build an app from scratch. No code app builders allow you to build an app without ANY knowledge of coding. You heard that right. No coding required at all. This is one of the easiest ways to build a web app as an organization. The most common pillars to a no-code platform are:

  • Reusability of the foundational blocks that are easily made accessible in no-code platforms. You’ll have pre-built building blocks you can reuse across multiple apps.
  • Simple User Interface Builder that often has drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Integrations with some of the common MarTech platforms, CRM, social media, and other applications most businesses already use. Each no-code platform has its own list of integrations and you’re typically confined to only what they offer.

However, some of the best no-code platforms allow your employees to build apps without any coding required but do allow you to bring in your own code to further extend the platform’s functionality if desired. Take Lumavate as an example as the leading no-code Progressive Web App builder (PWA) that allows you to build out your new PWA without any code but also allows you to bring in code in any language of your choice. 

Is There a Citizen Developer Certification?

The big question here is “WHO can build no-code apps?” And the answer is quite simple – anyone! You, me, Tom, Jerry, Susan, all of us! Remember how we defined no code? I’ll repeat myself – no-code app builders allow you to build an app without ANY knowledge of coding! This means every single person in your business with access to a computer and the internet can become an app builder. You can refer to the individuals building apps without code or little code as citizen developers. Using a no-code platform, citizen developers are able to build numerous types of apps without ever learning how to write a line of code. The best part – you don’t even need a certification! Most no-code web application builders will have pieces of training or ‘how to’ videos for you to learn how to build on their platform but it will differ between SaaS companies. 

Creating web applications without coding can be one of the best ways to build a web app, native app, or PWA quickly and cost-effective. You no longer have to go to the IT team for all your app-building needs thanks to some of the best no-code web app builders that will have an app up and running for you in weeks if not days!