How to Combat Low Product Registration Rates

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by Stephanie Cox | Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017

How to Combat Low Product Registration Rates

We are all guilty of ignoring those pesky product registration cards at some point in our lives, though one specific reason isn’t the culprit for this oversight. Today’s consumers are constantly on the go and don’t have the time, nor the desire to fill out an lengthy product registration card and mail it back to the manufacturer. Brands have been battling low product registration rates for years because consumers don’t understand the value of product registration and 58 percent of consumers believe product registration forms will result in unwanted communications. But, this no longer has to be the story for product registration. It’s time to take action and increase your product registration rates with these four best practices:
  1. Make the process easy and fast
  2. Earn their information
  3. Be clear about the value of product registration
  4. Streamline the transition from registration to onboarding
Read our whitepaper on Four Best Practices to Increase Your Product Registration Rates to learn more.

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