The Case for No Code Apps

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Everyone remembers the one thing that changed their life forever. I am notorious for keeping a ton of tabs open on my computer with articles I want to read. I admittedly know I will never have the time to read them, but it would be nice if I could save them in a space other than just a browser graveyard full of unread articles. After listening to an episode of REAL MARKETERS, I recently discovered I could “Slack myself” articles. Game changer. Marketers are constantly on the hunt for the ‘next biggest thing’ in MarTech. A decade ago, MarTech was primarily considered software that deployed thousands of marketing emails. Could you imagine if you had to manually send each person on your email subscriber list an email? Well folks, let me introduce you to the ‘next biggest thing’ in marketing technology. It’s no code apps, and if you haven’t incorporated them into your mobile marketing strategy yet, you are seriously behind. What Is a No Code App Builder? Great question, I’m glad you asked it. No code app development platforms have been taking marketing by storm for the last several years. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? It’s no secret IT and marketing are like oil and water. One group (marketers) only knows one speed: fast. The other group (IT) prefers to take the scenic route and move at their own speed. Can you see where this is headed? As consumer preferences started to change faster than the weather, the two groups started to dispute over the rate at which their organization’s mobile app was being built. As tensions rose, marketers were in desperate need of a software builder without programming requirements. A no code company was the only thing that could solve marketers’ pain points. Long story short, no code development platforms are tools marketers can use to build a mobile app without coding. So long are the days where marketers would have to wait with bated breath on IT; with a no code web app builder, marketers could take mobile app development into their own hands. How Do I Become the Best No Code App Builder? We might be getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but I love the enthusiasm. To take home the gold, you have to first choose one of the best no code platforms out there. You can have all the raw talent in the world, but without the state of the art tools, you won’t get too far. The best no code web app builder is going to have a couple of things. First, they’re going to identify as being an open source no code app builder. An open source no code platform is kind of like borrowing. The no code developer is able to take pre-existing code and modify it to meet their needs with a low code open source framework. So first step to being the best: partner with a no code development open source platform. Once you have chosen an open source coding platform, you’ve reached the stage where you can finally perfect your app making skills. Take a second and think of your favorite mobile app. Got it? What does it look like? What makes the experience engaging enough for you to return time and time again? Lucky for you, we created a full guide on the best mobile design practices. But here’s the gist: keep it simple. Too much stimulation is hard on the eye; take advantage of the app’s navigation and tuck away things that don’t need prime screen time. Get innovative and integrate voice capabilities into your app. And bonus points if users can customize their app; toggling various pages on and off can mean a world of difference to consumers. No matter if you’re a no code game developer or trying to create an app for the CPG industry, always think of the user first. What would they want to see in an app? No code and low code platforms are surging in popularity with marketers. Don’t be the last one to try it out. And if you’ve already created your first no code app, we’ve put together a crash course on how to increase engagement on your mobile experience. Check it out here.

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