Can I Make an App Without Coding?

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by Mitch Tor | Last Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When you think of mobile application development, you probably picture the same thing as most. A seasoned developer sitting in front of thousands of lines of code. For any non-developer, aka, the business user, that’s pretty intimidating and might seem near impossible to develop an app for that next campaign.  Here’s the point in the process when you ask yourself. Do you spend up to $120,000 of your allotted budget for one of these “tech magicians” to build the app. Or do you spend hundreds if not thousands of hours teaching yourself the dark art of native application development from scratch? Deciding on these two undesirable options, you ask yourself out of disbelief (and most likely, anger): Can I make an app without coding? Luckily for you, the answer is YES!  Using no-code technology, anyone with no prior coding experience can develop an app.  How to Build a Mobile App With No Code If you want to build an app without coding you need to begin with your idea.  Think of some things you want to be included in your app. Begin jotting the concept down. This guide is a helpful tool to start thinking about all the different possible app elements. Once your plan is in place, begin the building process. You can build from scratch or look through the comprehensive Lumavate Starter Kits for design inspiration to save even more time and worry.  How Does No-Code App Building Work? You begin selecting the app’s branding properties, including colors, fonts, or logos. Then you start layering the app build with content, including images, videos, forms, or other content components to support the campaign. It is as simple as point, click, drag, and then drop to order these components in the app. After that, you hit publish, and then the app is immediately available. No Code Apps: Native or PWA  Another factor in your decision to create an app is choosing between native mobile apps or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs. Think back to that vision in your head– the coder in a darkroom developing an app. Chances are it is a native app soon to be submitted to the App Store for review. That app is now in a lengthy approval queue with  App Store reviewers and all of that work (and money 💸  💸) could be denied with little to no reasoning.  There’s a way to avoid the App Store hassle, thanks to PWA technology PWAs are web experiences built with the user in mind, capable of native functionalities like offline use, integration with geolocation, and push notifications. PWAs give business users the freedom and functionality of a native app with the added flexibility of not needing an App Store to host it. Another advantage of PWAs is scalability to only build one app for both iOS and Android operating systems.   Build an App Today!  There are plenty of no-code app builders out there, and many claim to be the best. However, what does it actually take to claim the title of best no-code app builder? Here are three ways we take the no-code app building category.  Asking a company obsessed with perfecting the customer experience to limit themselves to one app would be like giving Mark Twain a page count of 15, sure they could make it work, but who wants that? We suggest finding a no-code app platform that allows your app count to grow just as much as your business does. We already discussed how it could be tough to visualize an app from scratch (even if it doesn’t involve painstaking amounts of coding). For this purpose, we suggest finding a no-code app builder with a library of pre-made app templates to keep your growth quick and life easy.  Just because there is no-code doesn’t mean you won’t hit a roadblock along the way. For this purpose, we always recommend using a free app builder that has excellent customer support to help be thorough and speedy.  Are you ready to start developing a free app? You can enter the Lumavate Studio to get started today!

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