Make Back to School Better than Ever by Moving to Mobile

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jul 27, 2021

It seems like just when everyone gets used to the routine of summer it’s time to go back to school. Summer break keeps getting shorter and shorter and suddenly you’re trying to keep track of school supply lists, meet the teacher nights, and a quickly filling up calendar! Getting back into the swing of things is hard on teachers, parents, and kids but we’ve got a secret tool that will help everyone stay on the same page-- a mobile app! That’s right, apps aren’t just for high-tech big idea people anymore. Anyone can build an app with our no-code Progressive Web App builder, so educators hop on the train before it leaves the station! 🚂

Meet Our Favorite Organizational Tool for EducatorsSchool Starter KitTo make it even easier, we’ve created the School Starter Kit. This Starter Kit has it all to kick the year off right. Think calendar, newsletters, helpful links, and a leadership page! The world is moving to mobile and our School Starter Kit can help bring your school into 2021!

Lighten the Load Take some work off of teachers and parents (they have enough on their plate) by keeping important information in one place! A mobile app gives them all the information they need with a few taps instead of having to remember what email that link was in or if they have to go to the district website.

The Calendar Page makes it easy to list out the major events of the year so no one is late to the party. Helpful Links page anticipates the needs of parents and students, giving them the info they need with just a tap. List the district standards or school handbook. Information is power!

Highlight Staff Members Put faces to names with the Leadership Page! When a parent needs to get a hold of an important leader they don’t want to jump down a rabbit hole of links to find an email address-- link emails directly in the app saving precious time.

Spread the word about all the great work your schools are doing with a Newsletter page. Highlight a teacher or classroom of the week, share stories from the talent show, brag about the great work that’s happening in your building!

Get Social Don’t forget social! Link the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages right into the app. This way parents stay in the loop while they’re in the app. No more linking out of the app or banners that say “Follow us on Twitter!” They can follow without any work on their end.

The beginning of the school year always has a few bumps along the way, get rid of one now with a mobile app! Parents, students, and teachers will be thanking you!


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