App Activations 101: QR Codes and Links and NFC, Oh My!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jul 20, 2021

You’ve done it! Congrats! You’ve built an amazing app using a no-code app builder and hitting that Publish button sent chills of excitement down your spine! But now what… how do you spread the word? Let’s talk activations, what are they, and how to get them!

There are four ways Lumavate supports app activation, QR Code, Text Code, Direct Link and NFC. All of these access points can be found in the app properties. QR Codes are a unique code that a user can scan with their device’s camera to access your app. They are all the rage in restaurants right now! Text activation allows users to text a keyword to the Studio phone number and they will be provided with a link. It’s instant access that feels like magic. Users can also use a link generated by Lumavate. The fourth option is Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing users to access your app by placing their device close to an activator. 

All of these activation types work great and have their own advantages, but keep your app user in mind. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you market the activation method that will make them most comfortable so they activate your app. Some users are most comfortable with text activation, others just want to click a link, and some love the futuristic feeling of scanning a QR Code!

After thinking about what method will make your user more comfortable next it’s time to think about how you're marketing it, be it physical materials or digital! QR and text codes work great together on printed materials. We suggest putting them both on the materials so they can tag-team your users, some might light QR others would rather text! Since users are not on a device when they are accessing the code, this is a great way to get them plugged in. If you are printing a QR Code on an item, the user will take with them like a brochure; we recommend the code be a one-inch square. If you are putting the code on a poster or banner, try making the image bigger so users can scan it from a distance! 

Don’t forget digital! Again it is important to think about how your users will access these methods. Will they see it on their mobile device or a desktop? If it’s mobile, say via Twitter or Facebook, try the direct link. This way they can access your app with just a tap! If they will see your marketing on a desktop, say in your email signature, try using the QR or text codes alongside a link to engage them on mobile too! Offering multiple ways to access your app will give users the choice they want and they’re more likely to engage! 

The key is to spread the word about your app every chance you get and make sure you’re thinking of your user and how they would prefer to access your app. Now stop reading and start marketing!

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