Answering the Top 3 Mobile Marketing Questions

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: May 1, 2020

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not mobile-obsessed. Baby Boomers are using mobile to research, Gen X is obsessed with social media, Millennials are shopping on mobile, and Gen Z’s addicted to games. Mobile has evolved into a universally loved channel, but there’s a catch. There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to mobile marketing. Some think that mobile marketing is simply having a mobile-friendly website or mobile app while others haven’t even really started to invest in any mobile-related initiatives. The truth is there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mobile marketing. So whether you’re just getting started implementing mobile into your strategy, or you’re an MVP at creating SMS campaigns, there’s always room to grow which is why we’re answering the top three mobile marketing questions here:
  1. What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing has had quite the evolution. A few years ago, it simply meant running a few paid ads on Facebook and getting as many people to download your native mobile app as possible. And if you’ve read a few of our blogs, you’ll know that our eyes are rolling into the back of our heads if you think the biggest goals of mobile marketing are increasing app downloads. Your mobile marketing strategy should focus on providing your audience with relevant information that keeps them coming back.Today’s approach to mobile marketing looks a lot different. Mobile marketing is the culmination of marketing efforts across a variety of channels for users on mobile devices. This includes SMS, mobile advertising, email, search, location-based, mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and so much more.Burger King is the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile marketing examples. From letting users burn ads, geotargeting McDonald’s customers, to “Traffic Jam Whopper” deliveries, Burger King is a great place to look when it comes to the possibilities that mobile marketing holds.
  2. What are some mobile marketing trends? Mobile marketing trends change faster than the weather (I live in the Midwest so I’m qualified to say this). What’s trending now for consumer behavior right now may not be popular a few months down the road. We created an eBook on mobile design trends if you need design inspiration on your next mobile marketing project. But in case you want the short version, here are a few mobile marketing best practices:- Personalization is key: 91 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. Follow suit of these successful companies and start recommending things that your audience is likely to enjoy.- Embrace Voice: We’re starting to talk more than we text on mobile. Enabling a hands-free feature (like the Domino’s chatbot) could open new doors. - Transition to Progressive Web Apps: When’s the last time you downloaded an app from the app store? If you’re still thinking, then it’s time to consider developing a PWA. Numerous brands have seen enormous success already. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of you who are reading this blog post are mobile device users. You might even be reading this on mobile! So use yourself as a guide as to what consumers like on mobile.
  3. How do you develop a mobile marketing strategy? Do you know the saying patience is a virtue? The same is true for mobile. Mobile strategies don’t just get created in one day (and the ones that do often fail). Make a list of a few things including, who’s your audience, what goals are you trying to achieve, how are you going to promote it, and how this integrates into your customer journey. If you can’t answer these questions, then you may need to go back to the drawing board.Stay with us on this next tip...get compliance and legal involved early. Let’s break the habit of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Let’s take running an SMS campaign for example. If you’re an old pro at this channel, then you know just how much regulation there is on mobile. But if this is your first rodeo, you might not know how to get through the carrier approval process. Our advice? Get them involved early on in order for them to help you if you have a last-minute emergency.This next piece of advice might be the hardest to swallow. Understand that undertaking a mobile marketing strategy is a huge deal and your first campaign might not be a success. But you know what? That’s okay, everyone. It’s going to take some trial and error for you to figure out the messaging that resonates best with your audience, which channels perform well for your business, etc.Can’t get enough of mobile marketing? Subscribe to the Mobile Matters podcast where we sit down with top marketing leaders and discuss all things mobile.

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