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by Michaela Markley | Last Updated: Jul 31, 2020

App builders have become a way for the business users to build apps without much help from the IT department and companies are loving it. Not only can teams get work done at a more competitive pace due to the citizen development movement, but they now have more flexibility than ever in getting apps built  at a lower cost and decreased time to market. App builders can range from building very simple native mobile apps, to web apps and even the newest technology - Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Let’s dive into some of the best app builders that are out on the market today and compare how they are different.  Appy Pie App builder Appy Pie was created in 2015 to help with building apps quicker than the average native app. Appy Pie is known for their hybrid apps that can be used across devices and operating systems. However, hybrid apps do not allow you to integrate with native functionalities (think using the camera, push notifications, downloaded to home screen, etc.). Hybrid apps are an HTML5 based app that can be used on Google Play and iTunes. Appy Pie is one of the free web app builders available.  Appmakr Appmakr is a no-code app maker that allows teams to build with any knowledge of coding. Appmakr is actually part of Appy Pie Inc but they use the WYSIWYG simulator and allow teams to build native mobile apps for Android and iPhone along with HTML5 mobile websites.  Appmakr has a free web app builder plan that allows teams to get their toes wet prior to buying the product. You could build an app for free with limited functionalities and never have to pay for it. Appmakr is known as one of the best free app builders around.  Buildfire Buildfire can help teams build iOS or Android apps with no-coding required. Buildfire offers a 14- day free trial and monthly paid plans are offered. They offer a DIY platform along with the ability of customization. You can choose to use their app builder to build an app or hire their full service mobile app development team to design, build, and support your app. With using a team to build out an app there is no known for how long it might take for the app to go to market and the amount of control a team may have over features and changes.  Android App Creator  Android App Creator is a MobiRoller feature that allows you to build Android and iOS mobile apps. Your team can have a free account with limited features for as long as you’d liked. Android App Creator has three different ways that you can build Android apps - turn your mobile website into an app, build an app from your Facebook page, and create an app from scratch.  Once you’ve built an Android app, you will have to generate and download the Android App Creator APK file to publish your app on the Google Play Store.  Lumavate Lumavate is one of the leading no-code PWA builders that can help create one app that works across all devices and operating systems (Android and iOS). Lumavate offers a free account to test out their app building platform. PWAs take the best of native and web apps by building your app on a URL to be accessed outside of app stores while also being able to integrate with native mobile functionality. Lumavate allows your team to create Android apps online without coding and be able to be updated at any time without the approval of an app store. If your team is on a tight schedule to go to market and wants to use leading technology, create a free account with Lumavate.  There are many Android App Builders available on the market but it’s crucial to know the important characteristics your company is looking for. What kind of app do you want to build? (Native, Hybrid, PWA?) How do you want your users to access the app? (App store, SMS message, QR codes?) What’s your budget and time to market time frame? Take all of these into consideration when looking for your next app builder. 

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