3 Reasons Progressive Web Apps are Perfect for BYOD

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Among 2018’s hottest workplace trends is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD for short). Many organizations are opting out of providing that company-business-only phone and allowing employees to use their personal devices for work. While 59 percent of businesses see the benefits of BYOD and are already implementing BYOD policies and procedures, there are a few drawbacks that may be keeping other corporations from buying in. Think about it: if you’re allowing employees to bring their own devices to work, that means you need to make sure your systems and applications work on all devices. When it comes to mobile, this can be challenging, considering personal devices nowadays could range from a 6-year old Blackberry to the latest iPhone. So how to do ensure that your mobile apps will work for all employees regardless of device? Let’s talk about Progressive Web Apps.
  1. They work on all devices First and foremost, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are going to look great no matter what device you access them on. No more developing separate apps for separate devices, and worrying about the impending debugging and updates to come for each operating system–PWAs are accessed via the web and totally responsive, which means they’ll look (and function!) great no matter the screen size or software version your employees are on.
  2. They don’t require an app store download Since they’re hosted on the web, there’s no need for an app store download, which means your employees can access and interact with your made-for-mobile content instantly.
  3. They’re perfect for on-the-go workers BYOD goes hand-in-hand with another workplace trend this year–remote working. With increased connectivity comes increased opportunity for companies to let their employees work from...wherever! And PWAs lend themselves well to on-the-go work situations. After first being accessed on a reliable connection, PWAs can be re-accessed in low-to-no service areas since they cache information as you browse. That means no matter what network your employee is on, they’ll be able to access the information they need, when they need it.
There are tons of perks to implementing PWAs in your internal communications strategy, and we’ve got lots of tips to get you started. For tips on how you can get started with them in your business, check out our Progressive Web App guide.

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