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Finding the Best App Maker For Your Business

App Creator

Mobile apps are used by millions of people every single day. In fact, most of us spend hours on mobile apps on a daily basis. So given that a lot of our attention is given to these apps, apps are often seen as the  perfect platform for marketers to reach their audience. Unfortunately, mobile app development has tended to be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating which has lead many companies to no longer make mobile app production a priority. Today, there is software that is making it very simple for anyone to create an app. In fact, there are app creator app solutions out there where no coding experience is even needed. That’s where Lumavate comes in.

What is Lumavate

Lumavate is a digital experience platform that allows marketers to produce apps quickly. Instead of spending hours and hours building apps with a developer, Lumavate enables marketers build digital experiences in a fraction of the time—sometimes within minutes! And the best part is, no coding is required! That means you never have to work with any technical coding language! Additionally, Lumavate builds Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are apps that are hosted on the web, work across all operating systems and devices, and don’t require an app store download! Say goodbye to developing two apps for both Android and iOS operating systems, and say hello to one app that works for them all!

App Building Software for Progressive Web Apps

So what’s the big deal with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? How do they differ from the typical native app? Progressive Web Apps are changing the mobile experience for everyone. Instead of going to the App Store to download the standard app, Progressive Web Apps are accessed via the web and using the power of a service worker and web app manifest to provide an app-like experience to users. Keep reading to learn more about these apps.

The Power of the Web

So much power and space is on the World Wide Web, but why do we put so much stress on our phones and operating systems to power our mobile apps? This was the thought process behind building Progressive Web Apps. These apps are housed on the internet behind URLs, but look and feel just like the apps you’re used to. In fact, you still get an app icon on your home screen, and your app will include most of the functionality you’ve come to love about native mobile apps.

Cached Data

Lumavate is app making software that helps you build smart, sophisticated, and useful Progressive Web Apps. And one other benefit that these apps can be used offline. As you’re using these apps, data can be cached along the way, which gives you the ability to use these apps offline! Native apps are very limited when it comes to using apps offline, and some apps don’t even let you use them at all when you don’t have a connection. Progressive Web Apps can be used by anyone at any time! This makes Progressive Webs Apps some of the best on the market, and millions of people want to experience them for themselves!

Top-Notch Security

Another benefit of Progressive Web Apps is that they are very secure. These apps feature Triple Layer Security (TLS) via secure communication protocols, which adds a thick layer of protection to keep your confidential info safe! This provides all of the security features you need to use your apps the way you want to! Want to start creating these apps today? Give Lumavate a try now!

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

Typically, organizations would have to use multiple developers to design apps for both Android and iOS. This causes a lengthy app building process and sometimes developers would take more than a year to have an app built. After many years of time-consuming processes, companies started to use app building software to help to speed things up. These different softwares helped to shave months off of the development process and now apps can be thrown together in a couple of hours!


Although developers can put together amazing apps, this process can be very expensive. But with the emergence of Apple and Android app maker software, costs have dropped dramatically. In fact, there are even iOS and Android app maker software free download options available across the web. But when you choose an app creator software free download, you’ve often chosen an option that doesn’t have many capabilities. In fact, this software creates some of the more basic apps out there. That’s why Lumavate is the software you need. It may not be free, but our capabilities and features are well worth the low cost of our software. In fact, we even offer multiple pricing options so you can find a solution that works perfectly for your needs. Whether you want to build one app or a thousand, Lumavate can help you become an app-building professional in no time!

App Development Software for Beginners

Even with the explosion of app building software over the last couple of years, much of this software is often difficult to use. Whether it’s a confusing interface or there are features that are difficult to grasp, many users tend to have a hard time with the software options on the market today. But when you choose Lumavate, you’re choosing a mobile app builder that is perfect for marketers and perfect for beginners! This is because Lumavate doesn’t require that the user needs to know any coding language at all! And better yet, we have a very user-friendly platform that comes equipped with many useful tools and elements. Now anyone can quickly create a wide variety of apps that helps them reach their audience effectively!


Lumavate is happy to provide a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform that clearly shows your app as it is being developed. This provides real-time results so you never get surprised when your app is published. This enables you to easily make changes and see your edits instantly! Since app building is easier than ever, now is the time to focus on app building and Lumavate is the solution that can help you grow! To truly succeed as a business, be sure to insert mobile into every step of the customer journey!

Lumavate vs. Google App Maker

If you’ve been searching for different types of app makers on the market, then chances are you came across the Google App Maker. While this is a very beneficial option when it comes to building apps, you should consider the many differences when compared to Lumavate.


One of the differences with Google App Maker is that users need to know some coding knowledge to build apps. But with Lumavate, no coding language is needed at all! That means anyone can get started with us and start to make great apps instantly!

Google App Maker Tutorial

Another difference to understand relates to the Google App Maker tutorial. Although it’s pretty useful when getting started, it seems to be a little more confusing than the one at Lumavate. And this is partially due to the fact that Lumavate requires no coding experience to design apps. If you want to use a simple tutorial that helps you understand how to build apps quickly, then Lumavate is the answer.

Integrated Access

While there are some Google App Maker limitations, one benefit is that it easily integrates with other Google platforms. For instance, with the data that is produced on the Google App Maker, these sheets can easily be transferred to Google Drive or Google Cloud Platform to be stored and accessed later on.

Google App Maker Training

From the Google App Maker templates to Google App Maker examples of apps made, the platform does a great job at training app makers.

Choosing the Best App Maker for Your Organization

While it’s great that there are many app maker software options on the market, this makes it more difficult to choose a solution for your needs. That being said, it’s best to do research on the pros and cons of many different types of software, which can get you one step closer to choosing the best app maker that is suited for your specific goals. Whether you want to create Android app online without coding or you want to make a sophisticated iOS app, there are many software options out there.

App Makers on the Market

To help decide why app software is perfect for you, it’s best to review some of the different options out there. Take a look at some of these options below:

  • The App Builder
  • AdMob app maker
  • Appy Pie
  • Mobile Roadie

While all of these are beneficial choices for building an app, many of them lack when compared to Lumavate.


When comparing these apps with Lumavate, budget is one thing to keep in mind. Some of the app builders out there are very affordable, and even free. In fact, it’s possible to find free app maker software for Windows or Mac, and this might be the only software you need. But remember, a free iOS or free Android app maker only lets you create very basic apps and the features are very limited. But when you use Lumavate, you’re using very enterprise software that gives users tons of tools at their fingertips and is built to handle thousands of apps.

Best App Builder 2022

While you may be tempted to use the free software options, you should know that many of these lack many of the useful tools and resources you need. They may allow you to build apps, but these apps might not reach the audience you want or provide the functionality you desire. If you truly want your users to have an amazing mobile experience, then Lumavate is the answer. We even provide easy-to-use templates so you can build apps in minutes!

Lumavate Is the Best Android App Maker

While there are many app creators on the market today, many of them only allow you to create apps for certain operating systems. For instance, you might find an Android app creator APK, but that only lets you build apps for Android devices. The same goes for iOS apps. Furthermore, you need an Android app maker software offline solution that allows you to create apps that can be used offline. This is all made possible with Progressive Web Apps—and Lumavate helps you build these with ease. From being an Android app maker software offline for PC solution to the ability to create apps in minutes, Lumavate is the app building creator that can take your business to the next level!

No Separate Builders

With the expansion of app builders over the years, many of these options don’t allow users to build apps for multiple operating systems. Typically, if you want to build an app for both Android and Apple devices, then you would have to build one app for each platform. Lumavate is here to change the game! Our amazing app builder allows users to design an app once, then it works on any mobile operating system! This is why Lumavate is seen as the best Android app maker and also the best iOS app maker!

Is Lumavate the Best Free App Builder?

When researching the best free app builders that 2022 had to offer, many people seemed to love the free options. But given how this produced basic apps, many people were blown away at the ability to make apps themselves without any coding. But with the expansion of this software, the best free app builder 2022 has to offer is a lot different. Software today provides many tools and resources so users can make breathtaking apps in minutes! And the best solution for your needs is Lumavate! And although we aren’t free, we have many flexible pricing options so you can find the perfect solution that’s focused on your specific needs. And given that your mobile strategy is a top priority, investing in mobile is the way to go.

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