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App Development Solutions

App Development Solutions

Mobile apps can provide a lot of solutions and advantages for a business. On Whiteboard Wednesday, it was discussed how app development solutions, specifically Progressive Web Apps, can help businesses grow their engagement and improve their productivity. Companies have a lot of different options when it comes to the types of app they can build, including:

  • Native apps. These apps are downloaded to a device such as an Android phone or an iOS phone. They can work both online and offline and use native features.
  • Web apps. These apps are generally accessed as dynamic sites through a web browser, across any platform.
  • Progressive Web Apps. These apps are like web apps that also have the power of native applications, including being usable offline and using native web features.
  • Hybrid apps. These apps are essentially web apps packaged and containerized as native apps.

Lumavate provides PWA Starter Kits, through which companies can quickly design the following apps:

  • Recruitment. Do you need to recruit new employees? With an enterprise app, you can recruit employees and interns, or set your sites toward potential clients.
  • Conference exhibitions. Conferences can be confusing spaces, and you probably don't want to pay a developer thousands of dollars to manage your conferences through mobile. Lumavate makes it possible to create a conference exhibition app within minutes.
  • Customer support. Connect with potential customers through customer support, improving customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Employee onboarding. An enterprise app for employee onboarding can help improve productivity and efficiency while also supporting company culture.
  • Podcast content. Whether for internal company use or external client use, podcast content can help extend your company branding and reach.

There are many advantages to using a PWA rather than a native mobile app. And while there are some no code developers out there (Adalo, Bubble, and, of course, Lumavate), Lumavate is the only no code platform for PWAs. Adalo's apps are delivered as native mobile apps, which have many disadvantages compared to PWAs.

Many companies today are looking for app development solutions or mobile app services because they want to develop an app. But the best mobile app development services today are mostly self-service. Rather than hiring a mobile application service provider, or researching a mobile app development services list, you can build your app from scratch. And much cheaper than any company on the app development services list.

Mobile App Development Company

Every company today needs a mobile app. Some are internal enterprise apps; others are external client-facing apps. But your first choice is going to be whether you want to build an app yourself or buy one from a mobile app development company.

Take a look at the top 10 mobile app development companies and you'll find that a custom mobile app development company does a lot of things. Some of the companies on the mobile app development companies list will create native apps and others will create web apps.

There are web and mobile app development company platforms that have low code application builders. Companies are able to create apps on their own, self-servicing, through the platform, without ever having to talk to a developer. But they will still need some knowledge of programming and development themselves.

There are mobile app developers who can be hired to complete an app internally, but this is usually expensive. Today, most people are going with app development solutions that can be used by their team, which consists of non-programmers. Low code and no code platforms vary in complexity but can create apps without any development background.

Lumavate’s platform can help companies develop a Progressive Web App quickly. PWAs are, in many ways, better than either native apps or web apps. They are web apps that have some native functionality, like being able to be used offline, using GPS, or sending notifications to the user.

There are many options when deciding to buy. They'll all vary depending on the level of code. But before you try any of these solutions, try Lumavate. Lumavate is a no code PWA platform that can be used for free. With the starter kits and the Lumavate Library, a company can start developing an app today.

Web and Mobile App Development Services

If you want to hire a company to create your app, you may be inclined to first look up the best mobile app developers. But custom application development services don't come cheap and you probably don't want to go through a web and mobile app development course.

The best mobile apps companies offer more than just a platform. They create an ecosystem that marketers can use to create their own apps without expertise. Lumavate is for everyone, not just developers. And because Lumavate is for everyone, Lumavate provides an extensive number of on-demand training, guides, and tutorials.

It should also be noted that web and mobile apps strongly differ. Websites can be static or dynamic; they can be designed for a given platform or they can be fully responsive. Mobile apps have to be downloaded directly to a device and are usually tailored to an operating system either like iOS or Android.

Rather than going through an extensive course, companies can start now by going into the Lumavate Studio and giving app building a try. Lumavate Studio is free and there's a complete workbook for users when they first get started.

Mobile App Development Services Near Me

App development is happening all over the US. There are some huge tech cities; Seattle, the Bay, and even Austin. Indianapolis is becoming a big tech hub for start-up tech companies. If you're looking for a mobile app development company in USA, you might want to consider working with a company in these areas.

When you start with a mobile app development company in USA, you have the choice of startups or established companies. App development USA is a very quickly growing field, so there are a lot of startups on the list of mobile application development companies in USA. Startups tend to be "plucky"; they have a lot to prove and resources with which to prove it.

But they're also still figuring themselves out. With an established mobile app development company near me, you'll find more established processes. Your growth may be slower but more measurable.

And you aren't limited to mobile app development services USA. While there are top mobile app development companies in USA, you may find that an Android app development company USA is far more expensive than one in India or another country. So, you may not always need app development companies near me.

Lumavate is an app development company that puts the power in the marketers' hands. With Lumavate, you can use our Starter Kits and open source Lumavate Library to create beautiful, feature-complete Progressive Web Apps. And that's without any other external application development solutions.

Top Mobile Application Development Companies in the World

There's currently a worldwide trend of mobile apps across quite a few countries. India has many app development companies. There are differences in cost. Getting an app created in India or Malaysia will be cheaper than getting one created in the US or the UK. One reason why companies look to outsource app development in other countries is to lower the cost of the project.

But app development cost India is still rising because apps themselves are becoming more desirable.

Who are the best app developers for startups? Startups are difficult because they need to be able to pivot quickly. Even when you work with the top mobile application development companies in the world, you'll find yourself frequently changing your strategies. Not only will you need custom application development services, you'll also need to maintain and modify your apps frequently.

You can get cheap app developers India, but then the issue becomes time. Every time you need to change your startup app, whether it's an internal enterprise app or a B2C app, you'll have to connect with your mobile app development services India and get them to change the app for you.

The top mobile app development companies in India are still more affordable than the top mobile companies in the US. But you also don't necessarily need to hire the best of the best across the globe. Often, you can create your own app using a low code or no code app development platorm. Even better, you'll be able to manage this app on your own.

When you want to change a Lumavate app, you just log into the Lumavate studio and make the changes on your own. You can ensure that your app platform is always capturing and engaging your audience, and create apps on the fly to meet client and employee needs.

Lumavate has a free subscription plan that lets you create an unlimited number of apps. And Lumavate doesn't just specialize in enterprise app development; even startups can see a tremendous benefit from partnering with Lumavate. Create a free plan on Lumavate today to find out more.

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