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Since there are multiple app development companies out there, how are you supposed to choose the best one for your business? If you want a low code platform that can help you build Progressive Web Apps, then the best option for you is Lumavate. Our platform is extremely easy-to-use and doesn’t require coding experience. After you sign up for our platform, you’ll be guided through online training and then you can start building your first app in a matter of hours! And better yet, you can choose from our wide selection of app templates (we call them Starter Kits) that can help you build the app you’re looking for. These are just a few reasons why Lumavate is the mobile app development company you need!

Endless Possibilities

Looking to build one app? One hundred apps? Whether you’re a new startup in the beginning phases of formation or you’re a large business with thousands of employees, Lumavate is here to take your mobile strategy to the next level. We are proud to offer different packages depending on what you're looking for. While other mobile app development websites are very limited when it comes to packages, sometimes you’ll pay for something you really don’t need. But with Lumavate, we’re an app company that understands your specific needs, so we offer different plans that meet the needs of your business.

Progressive Web App Development Company

In this day and age, it seems like a new web development company is being formed every week. With the technology surrounding this software quickly climbing, now is the time to jump on board and start crafting these apps for yourself! But before you just go out there and choose a provider, it’s best to think long and hard about the best software for your needs. While the pricing and skillset of a web and app development company can vary greatly, you’ll need to really focus on what requirements your business has to developing an app. And, if you’re looking to build a progressive web apps with no coding experience then Lumavate is your best choice.

The Power of PWAs

Progressive Web Apps are changing the way apps are developed. While app-making has always been a long and expensive process, Progressive Web Apps are making app development much more cost-effective and reducing the time required for building an app. These are a few of the reasons why Progressive Web Apps are fundamentally changing how companies think about their app development strategy. Instead of choosing to build an app for Android or iPhone, Progressive Web Apps take that decision away! Instead, you can build one Progressive Web App and it will work on any mobile operating system! So while native apps make you go through multiple app development processes and require you to build separate apps, Progressive Web Apps require you to only build one app. And the best part is, these apps look and feel just like a native app! You’ll still get an app icon on your home screen and your app can still have all of the functionality you desire! If you want to work with a web and mobile app development company that can help you craft these apps with ease, then Lumavate has you covered!

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

While native apps have been the most well-known since apps were first introduced, many companies have been frustrated with the limitations they provide. And one of the biggest limitations involves the lack of cross-compatibility. Given how many of us use an Android device while others use an iPhone, app makers usually needed to develop apps for both operating systems. But the problem with native apps is that they are truly “native” to the device that you’re using and required a totally separate development process. This caused the need to hire both an Android app development company and an iOS development company. It’s also drove a lot of frustration in the app development world. But with the invention of Progressive Web Apps, this process is starting to change.


While the lack of cross-compatibility has caused many issues, the high costs of development is also a downfall of standard app development processes. Depending on the type of app and the mobile operating system its' built on, app development can cost $100,000 with some companies spending millions of dollars on native mobile apps. And if you have an in-house app developer on your team, their average salary is around $100,000 per year. With these high costs, something had to be done to provide cost-effective alternatives.

Today, there are many options when it comes to app development software, and many of these options are very affordable. If you want to work with software built by some of the top app developers Indianapolis has to offer, then Lumavate is the answer!

Make Everybody Mobile App Developers

For most areas of the business, it’s possible to educate employees on functional areas such as sales, marketing, finance, etc. However, it can be challenging to train employees on app development and coding even if they don’t have any prior experience or any interested in learning it. For the most part, it can take multiple months of rigorous training to learn how to code and build apps effectively. The expertise needed for app development is one reason why app developers can make a pretty hefty salary which means businesses most spend top dollar if they want to hire strong app developers for their business. But, this is changing with the emergence of app development software making it possible for anyone to become mobile app developers!

No Coding Needed!

So how is this possible? How does software help? With the expansion of app development software, there are many low code or even no code options out there! That means that users don’t need to know anything about coding to start building apps. This opens up the door for many opportunities for your business and puts the power of app-making into the hands of your organization! So whether you have an intern, senior-level employees, or even your CEO handle app development, they can design breathtaking apps in a matter of minutes! And the best part is, you never have to learn about coding! All they have to do is learn how to use the platform before you start building your first app!

Lumavate is the Answer!

If you’re looking to take your mobile strategy to the next level, then Lumavate is here to help! We make the cut on the best mobile app development company list, and many people believe we’re the leading mobile app development company in USA. And not only are we a no code platform, but we’re the only no code platform that allows users to build Progressive Web Apps! So as you’re scrolling through the top 10 mobile app development companies list, be sure to make Lumavate a top consideration!

Why You Should Stop Looking for App Developers Near Me

When it comes to app development software, companies have the option of buying or building. While there are pros and cons to both, buying software is the choice that is gaining the most steam. And with how the technology around software companies have expanded over the years, app development software is smarter than ever. But to really understand more about the benefits of this software, let’s dive into some of the differences between buying and building.

Longer Process

When it comes to building an app, the process can be extremely long. In fact, it might take you more than a year to actually build the app. So as you’re hopping on the internet to search for “app development companies near me” or “Android app developer near me,” you should be aware that the process can be very time-consuming. If you really want to work with the best Apple and Android development company USA has to offer, then you’ll want to buy instead of build.

Greater Efficiency

While building apps can be very effective, buying software can allow you to produce apps at a much faster rate. So instead of searching for a “mobile app development company near me", “freelance app developers near me,” or "app designers near me," just know that buying software can have your apps built in a matter of days compared to a year.

Mobile is Worth the Investment

According to, mobile was responsible for 67 percent of all traffic on the web in 2017. With so many features at our fingertips, people are getting more and more comfortable with using their mobile devices. That being said, now is more important than ever to put a strong focus on your mobile strategy. From ensuring your website is mobile-friendly to building apps, staying ahead of the game with your mobile strategy will help you shine bright in the future.

It All Starts with Lumavate

The sad truth is, mobile app developers are very expensive to hire. And given that apps are built after months and months of hard work, the whole process is very stressful and time-consuming. That’s where Lumavate saves the day! Lumavate enables you to become one of the best mobile app developers. Our platform allows users to quickly learn how to build apps without ever needing to know anything about coding. From our many resources to our tutorials, we walk you through every step of the process so you never feel left in the dark with us. So instead of trying to find a cheap app developer, which is pretty impossible, do the right thing and call Lumavate today! We have many pricing options that can suit your needs perfectly.

Types of App Companies

So while Lumavate is the number one choice when it comes to app development software, it's important to know that there are other publicly traded app development companies out there. But to really find the top mobile application development companies in the world, you should do a thorough evaluation of the type of software you’re really looking for. All of them have different features, capabilities, and pricing options, so taking the time to think about your needs will help point you in the right direction.

So instead of search for “game app developers near me” or “freelance app developers,” do the right thing and create a free account on the Lumavate platform and build your first mobile app today!


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