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How to Build An App

Mobile apps are becoming very popular in society today. In fact, most people in the United States spend multiple hours on apps every single day. From older adults to younger children, mobile apps are sweeping across the country. And with their popularity growing, many businesses are learning the various ways on how to build an app. Let’s drive into the different ways of how to create an app from scratch.


One method of building apps involves utilizing in-house developers. These professionals have loads of knowledge at their fingertips and use the latest tools to design breathtaking apps. However, the cost of hiring a developer can be very high.


Another option is to outsource to a dev shop to build an app. Whether you want to build an app like ION or Crazy Birds, outsourcing is a great way to get your hands on an amazing app. However, this method is also a little pricey.

App-Building Software

One app-building method that is becoming extremely popular involves using app building software. In fact, there are even software options where the user doesn’t even need any coding experience. This allows companies to quickly produce apps without going through a developer.

App Building Software

Now that you’ve been introduced to app building software, let’s now dive into some of the different types of software on the market today.

Low Code Software

Another type of app building software  is low code software. This software allows users to build apps with a limited amount of code. Oftentimes, a user is able to build an app without using any code while also still have the flexibility to use code to extend the app’s functionality if desired.

No Code Software

The method allows marketers to use software with precision while knowing nothing about coding. Marketers can use templates and various tools to build apps from scratch. No code app building software enables marketers to quickly build apps without ever needing to learn how to code! This software is the perfect place to learn how to make an app for beginners.

App Builder Examples

Now let’s dive into some examples of app building software. These solutions have different features, capabilities, and pricing, so it's best to understand your needs before choosing one. Take a look at a few examples of some of the more popular app builders on the market today:

  • Apache Cordova
  • AppsGeyser
  • Flutter
  • Lumavate
  • PhoneGap
  • Mobile Roadie

These examples range from no code platforms to low code platforms so its best to do research on these software options before choosing one. And while many of them are no-code platforms, none of them allow you to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) except for Lumavate.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

When building apps, they can be built in a few different forms. Some of these forms are native, hybrid, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Progressive Web Apps appear just like the native apps you’re used to, but without the need to use an app download store. Progressive Web Apps are hosted on a URL which means they can be easily accessed from any device across any form factor. Progressive Web Apps remove the need to build a separate mobile app for iOS, Android, and an overall web experience.

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

So to truly understand the power of Progressive Web Apps, let's dive into some information on native apps. Native mobile apps are apps that you commonly see in your day-to-day life. These apps are truly “native” because they can only be used on the device the app was downloaded on. That means the development process is completely different for these apps. They can only work on one operating system and are not cross-compatible. So when it comes to development, you’ll have to learn how to create an app for iPhone, then also learn how to create an app for Android.

Cost of Development

When it comes to developing native apps, the cost of hiring a developer can be very high. But given how many of these apps are built in-house, the cost typically involves a salary for the employee. The average salary for both an iOS and Android developer is around $116,000. Given this high salary, many companies are now using app building software.

The Need for Software

As many are realizing the simplicity and affordability of Apple and Android app development software, this has become a very popular choice for organizations everywhere. And given how a new iPhone or Android app builder is popping up every single day, the choices are endless.

The Best App Builder for Marketers

Now that you have learned a little about native apps and how they work, including how much they cost, it’s now time to discuss the best solution out there when it comes to a mobile app builder: Lumavate. Lumavate is a cross platform app development software that is perfect for marketers. Our smart software comes equipped with various tools and resources so you can learn to build top-notch apps in a fraction it would take from a developer. And better yet, it is a much more cost-effective option.

No Coding Knowledge Needed

Another huge benefit of Lumavate is that you don’t need any coding experience to start building apps. Users can conveniently use our platform to plug in tools and page elements to build the effective app you need to let your business shine. This is why Lumavate is the perfect app development software for beginners!

Fast App Production!

Another reason why everyone loves Lumavate is the turnaround time for app development. While building native apps can sometimes take over a year for implementation, Lumavate lets users design an app in only a few hours! This means faster production, greater efficiency, and more revenue in your pocket! As Lumavate allows you to crank out multiple apps in a day while knowing absolutely nothing about technical coding language, that makes Lumavate the best app builder for marketers!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

If you never really realized just how powerful mobile apps are in society today, you may now be wondering how much effort you should put into your mobile strategy. Although it depends on the industry you’re a part of and the products or services you offer, mobile apps should be a top priority for your business. Apps can help your consumers stay engaged with your business and they can even be a place where consumers shop for your products. Just how powerful are mobile apps? According to the company, Statista, consumers downloaded 178 billion apps in 2017 alone. That crazy stat means that a lot of attention in the United States is driven towards our cell phones, and ultimately, our mobile apps. This is why you should turn to the app-building software like The App Builder, Mobile Roadie, or better yet, Lumavate—the best app builder 2019 has to offer.

Don’t Choose a Free Mobile App Builder

If you’ve done a search for app builder software, then chances are you saw many companies that claim to offer the best free app builder on the market. While you’re very tempted to get through an app creator software free download, you should be extremely hesitant. This is because free app development software doesn’t allow you to create Progressive Web Apps and you are also very limited with their tools and functionality. An app development software for beginners free of charge might sound intriguing, but spending money on software is a great choice. Additionally, an app development software free download doesn’t have a user-friendly platform, and even the best free app builder 2019 has to offer might pose some security issues. Lumavate is proud to offer flexible pricing options to best suit your needs.

How to Create an App Without Coding

When it comes to app building software, the typical goal is to learn how to create an app and make money. That being said, app building software that allows you to design apps quickly will also provide the best avenue for increasing revenue and growing your business. This has caused a rise in no code platforms. This type of software allows anyone to create apps with ease, whether it’s your interns or upper-level management. No code software is the perfect solution for learning how to develop an app for beginners. And if you want to learn a little bit about coding, low code software is the perfect tool for learning how to code an app for beginners.

A WYSIWYG Platform

Lumavate is the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform you need. Here you can place various app elements into the builder to clearly see how your app will appear on multiple devices. This way, you’ll have no surprises once your app is published. Our platform allows users to produce apps within minutes, which opens up the door to a world of possibilities for your business ROI.

Android Development Software

When native apps are built, a whole different development process is needed to design both Android apps and apps for iOS. This provides many headaches for companies everywhere given the many hoops you need to jump through to please all of your customers who have different operating systems. When developing on Android, a developer will need to have knowledge of Java to Kotlin coding language. However, knowing this language won’t allow you to design apps for Apple. But one benefit of Android is that these apps can be uploaded to multiple app stores, where iOS apps can only go to the Apple App Store. In addition, the cost of having an app in the Android store is only a one-time fee of $25, while Apple charges $99 per year. However, most native Android apps don’t allow you to use these apps offline. That’s why it's best to choose an Android app maker software offline for PC.

Free is Not the Way

If you’re searching for Android app builder software, then you’ve probably come across some free options. While you may be tempted to try out an Android app maker software offline free download, you should know that you’ll be losing out on many features involved with paid apps. And even the best free app builder for Android may only be free for a short period of time. So, unfortunately, the best free app development software doesn’t really exist—it’s best to spend the extra money and take advantage of the many capabilities involved with paid software. Free app maker software for Windows or Mac can save you a lot of money, but they don’t allow you to produce Progressive Web Apps like you can with Lumavate.

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

Although no code app builder software is steadily climbing in popularity, this is partially due to the trend involving open source software. Open source mobile app development software is designed then released to the public to be used, changed, and edited. The copyright holder grants permission for anyone to reuse the software. This means that all of the technical work is already done for you, and the user uses one codebase to create amazing apps. There are many open source app builders on the market today and it has become a very common avenue for building apps quickly.

The Lumavate Difference

Lumavate is a platform that borrows the same idea from an open source mobile app builder but takes it one step further. This is done through the Lumavate Library on our platform. The Lumavate Library provides many different design elements at the user’s disposable. And not only can they use the wide variety of mobile app development tools free of charge, but they can also add their own design creations to the library to be used by others who use the platform. Although Lumavate doesn’t provide mobile app design software free of charge, it is a simple platform that packs a serious punch. Our WYSIWYG platform allows marketers to make high-quality apps that can help to take their business to another level. Contact us today to use the smart apps creator you’ve been waiting for!

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