You need to be sure that you’ve got the proper mobile mindset going into your app building process. 

App Builder

App Builder

If you’re looking to engage your customers on mobile, look no further than a mobile app. It’s a crucial part of your mobile strategy, and there are plenty of options for those looking at options regarding how to create a mobile app. With options ranging from in-house development teams to outsourcing to development shops or taking matters into your own hands with a mobile app development platform like Lumavate, it’s no wonder the “build vs. buy” debate continues to rage on. But one thing is for certain: whichever option your organization chooses, you need to be sure that you’ve got the proper mobile mindset going into your app building process. 

Android Apps

Native apps for Android and iPhone are developed separately, which means you’ll need to develop twice (once for Android and once for iPhone). Let’s dive into developing an Android app, since there are over 2.3 billion Android users worldwide. First, in order to create an Android app, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to develop in-house using an Android app builder platform or Android app development software. You may choose to use an Android app maker software offline as well. Regardless, if you choose to develop in-house, you’ll need to be familiar with APKs and have access to an Android app creator APK. 

Choosing an App Builder

There are many different options to choose from if you decide to build an app in-house, including software options like drag and drop app builders, which enable the app builder to build apps without any development. These are becoming a more popular option for app building software, since they allow for faster builds, and thus faster results. Many people ask what the best app builder or best drag and drop app builder is, but the answer to that question comes down to what the organization needs out of their mobile app builder. For example, if your organization is looking to build a CMS app, then it will likely need a CMS app builder. It entirely depends on what the goal of the app is! So maybe think twice when browsing the results of your Google search for Best App Builder 2018, or Best App Builder 2019–because app builders are not one-size-fits-all!

Building Apps without Code

As mentioned, drag and drop app builder software downloads are highly sought after, since many organization are looking to build apps without code, or looking for app development software for beginners. Some organizations are looking to create an android app online without coding, and others are simply looking for a free drag and drop app builder software. Good news! There are plenty of options to choose from–whether you’re looking for to get a drag and drop Android app builder free, or drag and drop app builder for windows, here are a few app building options:

  • AppMakr
  • Appy Pie (and its free version, Snappy Mobile Apps)
  • Buildfire
  • Mobile Roadie
  • Lumavate

App Builder Pricing

Many look for a free mobile app builder to get started with, and there are a couple of options out there that can help you convert your website to app free. If you’re looking for an app creator software free download, we’d recommend doing some research to find the best free app builder for your app use case, but it is likely that you’ll need to do a little more research to make sure the software reviews are up to date (try searching for the Best Free App Builder 2018, or Best Free App Builder 2019). We’d recommend doing the same if you’re looking for how to create an app for iPhone free, or an Android app maker software free download. Although you’ll likely find some free options out there, odds are they won’t quite live up to your functionality standards if you’re looking to build a really effective mobile app. The Lumavate app builder pricing starts at $18,000, which comes in far lower than most one time fee app builders.

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