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Your Guide to WYSIWYG App Builders

WYSIWYG App Builder

What is a WYSIWYG app builder, and why does it matter? The acronym stands for ‘what you see is what you get.’ The point is to allow a developer to see the final form of what they’re producing before publishing it. If you have ever written something in plain text and then had to completely reformat it for upload, you understand the value of WYSIWYGWYSIWYG app builders

When it comes to finding an open-source WYSIWYG app builder, there are some great examples that can help you understand the value of the approach. Snappii is a leading WYSIWYG builder. Originally built for Android development, it allows you to see exactly how your app will appear in its final form while you work on it.

When it comes to the best app builder for 2018 or 2019, Lumavate cannot be ignored. Lumavate is a WYSIWYG app builder. It borrows from the idea of open source development, easy to use, and allows for development with absolutely no coding necessary.

Free App Builder

Many companies will look for a free app builder to allow employees to make apps without spending too much money. There were a couple different platforms in the running for the best free app builder in 2019, including Lumavate and Appy Pie. Appy Pie allows a fair amount of no-code app development before users have to commit to paying. The obstacle is that truly publishing an app requires a paid account with the platform.

This is true for some “free” development resources. If you want a completely free no-code app builder, you’re going to want to partner with Lumavate. Lumavate offers users on the free subscription plan an unlimited amount of published apps! Plus a ton more!

We have a massive library of existing developer tools that can help any app builder make an amazing product without spending years of their lives on the project. Lumavate is cost-effective, and it will run circles around the other best free app builder without coding.

Mobile App Builder

Any mobile app builder has to solve several problems. It has to provide the ability to develop the app in the first place. Some do this by outsourcing the coding. Others do it by implementing no-code software. Consider both options.

If you skip app building software, then an experienced expert is necessary to ensure that the code is structured properly and performs the tasks at hand. This is not something that can be learned quickly, nor can it be mastered in a short amount of time. There’s a reason that coding experts regularly make six figures or better.

On the other hand, you can look into an app creator software free download. You can play around with free drag and drop app builder software and other no-code solutions. These ideas allow people who are not experts in writing code to successfully build apps that suit their needs. 

Lumavate is special for a few reasons. One of those is that it will show you how to create a mobile app without any code. It will take you through a streamlined process, and it will draw from an open-source library to ensure that you’re using powerful code that you didn’t have to write from scratch. As an app inventor for iOS and Android, Lumavate also shines with its commitment to PWA development. This allows you to service all major platforms without having to write multiple versions of the app.

Overall, it’s the mobile app builder that empowers marketers and inexperienced app builders to make the exact tools they need to do their jobs better. They can utilize their own professional experience and build that into that app. It improves quality without driving up costs.

Drag and Drop App Builder

One area of industry where no-code app development is thriving is in marketing. Marketers rely on mobile apps for customer outreach. Apps are a great way to drive engagement and relay information. They serve as the backbone of modern marketing.

That makes it easy to understand why marketers want to be able to create their own apps. Considering how difficult it is to build an app from scratch, it’s also apparent why a drag and drop app builder is so valuable. Finding the best drag and drop app builder can help a marketer build exactly what they need without having to hire an external coding team.

Lumavate is a drag and drop app builder that is open source. This means that you can create an app, from scratch, without even using a keyboard. This emphasizes the premise of being no-code. The drag and drop web app builder design allows marketers to choose from templates and elements that they need to make a custom experience that will reach their market in the best ways possible.

If you look deeper into a drag and drop app builder on Reddit, you’ll find that it’s an immensely popular way to tackle app building. When the platform is open source, you can browse vast libraries and online conversations to find ways to make specific functions work in an app. This allows no-code developers to incorporate powerful resources into otherwise simple apps, and it still doesn’t involve writing a single line of code.

It is the combination of these resources that makes Lumavate great drag and drop app builder software. You can have it all, and it is in the hands of the people who best understand what their app needs to do and why.

Open Source Drag and Drop App Builder

Ultimately, many app builders will search for an open-source drag and drop app builder that will shine brightest. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing an exceptional mobile experience to users that caters to their needs quickly. 

The Lumavate Library borrows from the concept of open source. There are more than 100 items in the Lumavate Library for users to choose from when building the app of their dreams. From Components, to Features, to integrations, the Lumavate Library has it all!

Ultimately, open-source mobile app development software should be in a constant state of update and expansion. Your drag and drop capacity will never stop growing, and you will be able to find new innovations on a daily basis. That serves to continuously empower no-code developers with ever-expanding options. The Lumavate Library is constantly growing and adding new Components and Features to the platform. 

Thunkable Classic

Drag and drop development is even more clear when you look at Thunkable Classic. It’s a platform that has served many developers, but by July 2020, it will no longer be supported. That means that the many users who have benefited from this platform will have to find a new way to build apps in a simple way.

The Thunkable beta has been retired as well, which means that Thunkable downloads for PC are limited. Any Thunkable projects need to be wrapped up before the transition. The only other option will be to use Thunkable entirely offline.

What this means is that Thunkable fans will likely be transitioning to new platforms to perform the same work. This involves mastering a new interface, and it comes with growing pains. If you happen to be in this group, you may find that open-source libraries are more important than ever. They can help you catch up with a new platform faster, and they’ll ultimately help you build better apps with less time and effort invested.

Web Based Database Application

When you’re looking into the most efficient ways to build an app, you’re going to have to consider how the app is deployed and used. One of the great debates is in whether you should use a web app for a Progressive Web App (PWA). Each has its own advantages, but it is one particular difference that garners the most attention.

Web based database applications benefit substantially from the PWA approach. In short, a web app cannot work while a device is offline. This can slow down performance and prevent the overall user experience from matching expectations.

PWAs are fundamentally different. While they are still web apps in a sense, they are built around the idea of pre-caching information even while the app is offline. This allows the app to streamline upload/download exchanges when connectivity is available. Because of that, many PWAs can perform just as well offline as they do online, and users never notice a difference if they have intermittent connectivity. 

Importance of WYSIWYG App Builders

One of the most important aspects of developing digital experiences is being able to see what the end result will look like as you work. This is where WYSIWYG builders come in – they allow you to see what your app or website will look like as you design it, without having to constantly switch back and forth between preview modes or manually refresh your browser.

This is important because it is essential to have engaging digital experiences for your customers or users. If they are not able to use your app or website easily, they will likely go elsewhere. WYSIWYG builders help you avoid this by allowing you to see what your app or website will look like as you design it.

When you can get a Progressive Web Application builder without coding, you can get this monstrous design advantage without having to understand how to pre-cache information. Build your first PWA with Lumavate today for free! 

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