Drive Higher Employee Engagement


Struggling to get your employees to actually pay attention to your internal communications? You’re not alone.

Despite using multiple channels such as email, webinars, town halls, and even posters, 74 percent of employees say they’re missing out on important company updates.

That’s why we created our Internal Communications solution. This template is purpose-built to increase employee engagement and eliminate one-way communication patterns.

With this best-in-class solution, each of your employees has a personalized feed of company news curated just for them. This means employees only see the information that is relevant for their role. Plus, our solution allows you to empower multiple people within your business to create content for employees while still giving you the power to review the content before it’s released. And for critical announcements, you can send out real-time or scheduled texts to employees. You’ll also get access to analytics to see what articles employees are engaged with, time spent within the experience, and more.

Stop sending emails and memos and start driving higher employee engagement with a personalized experience designed just for them.

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