How digital experience platforms can impact your mobile marketing

Types of Digital Marketing Platforms

What is Digital Marketing

By now we are sure you have heard of digital marketing, but do you really know what is digital marketing or how to effectively use it? It has almost become a popular buzzword that marketers love to throw around, but the only digital strategy they really have in place is social media. Now don’t get us wrong, social media is a great place to start. But, if that is all you are doing as a marketer, then it is time to actually learn how to do digital marketing. Let’s start with what the digital marketing meaning is. Digital marketing is basically any marketing effort that happens through the internet. This includes your brand’s website, social media, email, search engine, landing pages, apps etc. There are so many different directions that a marketer can go with digital marketing, and there is not one answer for what is right and wrong. At the end of the day what is most important about digital marketing is that you are finding your consumers on their digital devices and engaging with them. In fact, that is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing, that you can reach all of your consumers on their mobile devices no matter where they are. One important consideration for digital marketing is that you need to be producing content on digital channels, but also analyzing the results from your digital campaigns. If you are just blindly launching digital ads or sending emails and not measuring the success of those campaigns, then you have no idea if your digital marketing efforts are actually working. The Art of Digital Marketing PDF addresses the importance of analyzing your results for every digital channel. 

Types of Digital Marketing Platforms

As mentioned above, digital marketing can take many forms. Therefore, there are multiple types of digital marketing platforms. The purpose of a digital marketing platform is to provide users with some sort of digital solution that improves their marketing strategy. There are many types of marketing platforms that are focused around automated email marketing campaigns or social media marketing platforms. Another example is Lumavate’s digital experience platform. Lumavate’s no code platform empowers marketers to build PWA totally on their own, even if they don’t have any coding experience. This mobile marketing platform is a great example of providing a digital solution to marketers that helps them better communicate with their consumers. There are also platforms for other digital marketing types including platforms that help manage podcasts, video, social media, and email automation. These types of marketing management platforms can be very helpful when it comes to keeping your digital marketing strategy organized. If none of these platforms sound like it is the right fit for your business, then you can look at resources like a type of digital marketing pdf or types of digital marketing ppt. Understanding what digital channels you want to utilize your marketing strategies better.

Popular Digital Marketing Channels 2021

There are so many different types of digital marketing channels out there, it can be hard to figure out what channels you should use. If you are feeling stuck, start doing some research on what digital channels are popular right now. Look at the most popular digital marketing channels 2019 and most popular digital marketing channels 2020. While it might sound silly to start with such basic search, it is important that you understand the basics of digital marketing channels before you jump into them. For example, knowing the digital marketing channels definition and objectives or what channels best suit what industries etc. 

In addition to digital channels it is important to have an understanding of digital marketing mediums and the types of media used in digital marketing. Some digital marketing mediums include display advertising ads, pay per click advertising, SEO, and retargeting ads. These are different ways that you can drive consumers to your website through ads they will encounter throughout the internet. You should also look into what types of media work well with different mediums. For example, where is a graphic appropriate? Or where would consumers rather see a video? Or GIF? While these might sound like simple decisions, it can make a difference to your customers and affect conversion rates. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to digital marketing, not everything is going to work the way you want it to, and things can change at the drop of a hat. You might have a paid ad that is doing really well, and then one day you check it and conversion rates have hit a drop off. So, if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy and go into things blindly, it probably won’t end well. Therefore, you should always develop a well thought out digital marketing strategy prior to launching digital experiences. If you are sitting here asking yourself “what is digital marketing strategy?”, that’s okay! You can look for a digital marketing strategy example. Digital marketing strategy ppt, or digital marketing strategy framework to help guide your decision making process. 

When thinking about your digital marketing strategy you want to consider what digital marketing channels you are going to use. Think about social media, display ads, performance marketing channels, SEO, blogs, the list goes on and on. Consider where your target audience is most prevalent, and also what channels your marketing team enjoy using and are good at. If you can find the intersection of where your audience is and what your team is passionate about, that is where you will have the most success. Then you need to build digital experiences for every place that a customer will interact with your brand.  Other considerations for a digital marketing strategy include timeframe and metrics to define success. If you don’t have a specified time frame or specific goals to reach, then your strategy will lack direction. 

When building out your strategy, it is okay to look at a digital marketing strategy for a brand similar to yours. This is a situation where you want to work smarter not harder. If there are digital practices or channels that work really well for brands similar to yours, it would be silly not to adopt similar ideas and concepts into your digital marketing strategy. But, on the same note it would be silly to adopt those practices and not adjust them for your company or your customers. One digital strategy won’t work the exact same for every company. So, you can’t just use the same tools as a top brand and expect them to work the same. You have to adjust the strategy and constantly be iterating on your strategy to make it work for you. So, while it is helpful to use a digital marketing strategy template 2019 or digital marketing strategy 2020 template, you have to be sure you are making the strategy work for your brand. 

Digital Marketing Examples

If you are looking for digital marketing inspiration, there are a ton of successful digital marketing examples out there. Lumavate’s Real Marketers podcast frequently highlights examples of digital marketing from major brands leaders. Some other impressive digital marketing campaign examples include Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Burger King.

  • Starbucks has one of the best digital marketing strategies. Starbucks uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) instead of a native mobile app for the brand. This decision has led to great results for the coffee giant. With a PWA they saw daily active sessions increase as the app was working faster and providing a better experience. Starbucks also made the genius move of implementing a loyalty program ot their digital experience that keeps customers coming back. 
  • Coca-Cola took advantage of QR code marketing. This famous brand recently put QR codes into their vending machines so it can be a completely touchless experience. The brand saw an opportunity in the market, and used a simple digital technology to solve it. 
  • Burger King is frequently at the top for best digital and mobile marketing tactics. Most recently Burger King has incorporated QR codes into their TV commercials, and have started to build up their presence on Tik Tok, the newest social media platform. 

These examples highlight everything that is great about digital marketing. You can reach your consumers wherever they are, in a way that is convenient and safe for them, and provide real value to them. Think you are ready to get started building out your digital marketing strategy like these brands? Then it is time to start looking at a digital marketing plan example or digital marketing plan template. Utilizing these resources will help you fully understand what needs to go into a digital marketing plan. It is also helpful to look at some digital marketing pdf notes or more recent examples of digital marketing in either a digital marketing PDF 2019 edition or digital marketing PDF 2020 edition. 

Types of Marketing

The use of technology is skyrocketing, and it seems like every day there are new advancements that then change the landscape of marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing practices should go out the window. It is important to balance new digital marketing technology with other marketing channels. Having a omnichannel marketing approach that utilizes digital, mobile, OOH advertising, direct mail, video etc. is what will make your marketing strategy most effective. To do this you must understand and consider all types of marketing channels. It is easy to find yourself trying to quantify types of marketing by asking “how many types of digital marketing are there?” or “how many types of website marketing are there?”. But, since marketing has evolved so much in recent years, it is no longer possible to categorize all marketing practices into 7 types of marketing. With the advancement of technology it is now possible to have 7 types of marketing just in digital or even mobile. So instead of limiting ourselves to a specific number when it comes to types of marketing, think about it in terms of the main types of marketing your brand is using. Some of these could include:

  • App Based Marketing: There are so many different types of apps out there that can be used to better communicate with customers and provide value either through a loyalty program, exclusive content, or sales. These app options include web apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and native mobile apps
  • Website Marketing: There are many types of website design out there, and it is important that your website design is optimized to give visitors the best user experience possible. Additionally, as mobile devices are starting to take over the desktop, it is important to design your website with a mobile-first mindset
  • Content Marketing: This includes anything your marketing team creates. From blogs to podcasts, content marketing is a great way to show that your team is fully of experts and thought leaders. 
  • Social Media Marketing: While social media marketing is similar to content marketing, it focuses solely on posting and sharing on social platforms. This is a great type of marketing when you want to gain brand awareness. 

And those are just scratching the service. Obviously it is not realistic to employ every single type of marketing in your marketing strategy, but you should utilize a variety of channels to ensure that you are reaching your target audience, wherever they might be. To review different marketing channels, you can look at a type of marketing ppt. 

What Are Some Types of Websites in Demand?

You might think the objective of your website is pretty straightforward, make it look nice and easy to use. And while that is very important to driving higher conversion rates and sales, that is not the only thing you should consider. There are different website types and purposes, and the line has gotten more blurry as many consumers are moving towards mobile devices instead of desktop. There are now more options for building a website, for examples some types of websites static and dynamic are two options that marketers must decide between. There is also now the option of web apps or Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Both web apps and PWAs can function as a website, but they work faster, and a PWA can be saved to a mobile device’s home screen like a native mobile app. So while yes, you want to make sure your website looks nice, you also want to make sure the type of website you are using fits the needs of your consumers. In order to make that decision, it is good to look at types of websites with examples or a type of website PDF. This will help you evaluate your option, and see what types of websites are in demand right now. Another consideration is what kind of website fits your company’s mission. For example, types of websites for digital marketing companies are different from types of websites for an eCommerce company. 

Digital Marketing Course

Marketing is an ever-changing field, and therefore as a marketer you should be constantly learning and growing. While there is a lot of value in learning by doing, there is also value in taking a digital marketing course or mobile marketing course. This is especially important if you haven’t had previous exposure to digital marketing or how you can use technology in marketing. There are other resources outside of formal courses for example documents like a beginner's guide to digital marketing PDF or the big book of digital marketing pdf. Lumavate also has a variety of downloadable resources that dive into different aspects of digital and mobile marketing. 

Having knowledge about digital best practices and how to leverage technology in marketing is important for all types of marketing jobs, but especially digital marketing jobs. If you are new to a digital marketing role, it is important that you are taking time to learn about digital channels, how they work, and how they can be successful. This is also crucial when it comes to a digital marketing salary. The more knowledge and experience one has with digital marketing platforms, the higher the salary is likely to be.

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