Mobile Made for On-the-Go Shoppers

Give on-the-go shoppers a reason to reach for your brand, time and time again

Bringing PWAs to Life for CPG

When you build PWAs with Lumavate, the sky’s the limit. You can think of mobile solutions for every aspect of your business. Here are a few ways you can apply this new mobile mindset:

  • Stand out in the aisle with coupons, product information, and image recognition experiences that bring your product to life and drive sales

  • Make it easy for customers to re-order products they love, and access recommendations based on their previous purchases

  • Let customers access nutritional information right from your product packaging

  • Make sure your customers are getting the most out of their new product with interactive tutorials, videos, and setup instructions

  • Let customers scan your packaging or text a shortcode to easily complete and submit rebate forms right from their smartphone

  • Promote new product launches with branded games, sweepstakes, and content to get the buzz going

  • Give customers an easy way to keep track of their purchases and scan packaging to earn rewards

  • Allow shoppers to easily locate where your products are being sold near them

Ready to make mobile work for you? Your PWA journey starts here.