Engage Your Employees

Elevate the employee experience with personalized communications, customized onboarding, training resources, and more.

Solutions to Elevate Your Employee Experience

Our platform makes it easy for you to create digital experiences that take your employee experience to the next level. Check out some of our best-in-class solutions.

Employee Onboarding

Deliver a top-notch employee onboarding experience that takes new employees from a signed offer letter through their entire onboarding process.

Internal Communications

Give every employee a 100 percent personalized communications experience that ensures they have easy access to information relevant to their role.

Employee Survey

Capture real-time feedback from your employees on a variety of topics and send the data directly into your system of record.

Internal Event

Take your internal event to the next level by providing employees with an engaging digital experience.

Office Building Navigation

Enable your visitors to seamlessly navigate your building with step-by-step directions and photos.

Field Service

Streamline the process for your field service technicians to collect product information, troubleshoot, and more with an interface aligned to your processes.

Sales Productivity

Increase how often your sales team updates your CRM by creating a digital experience that is truly customized to your sales process.

Employee Training

Bring out the best in your team with tailored training content relevant to their role and responsibilities.

Sales Resources

Enable your sales team to quickly access and share relevant marketing resources with their customers.

Deliver a Top-notch Onboarding Experience

An employee’s success in your company starts with their onboarding experience, and it even begins before their first official day. Using Lumavate, you can provide every new employee with a personalized onboarding experience that takes them from a signed offer letter to their journey throughout their entire onboarding process.

Streamline and Personalize Employee Communications

It’s time to quit communicating with your employees across numerous channels then acting surprised that they didn't read the important company announcement. You need a single source of truth for your company information that your employees can access on any device no matter where they are. With Lumavate, you can quickly launch a secure internal communications portal where all pertinent company news is shared. It’s also 100 percent personalized to each employee ensuring they only see the information they need to know for their specific role. Bonus: You can send real-time or scheduled text messages for urgent communications too.

Survey Your Employees

The competition for talented employees has never been more intense which makes it critical that you know how your employees feel about your company at all times. One of the best ways to capture this information is through an employee survey that is sent out at various times throughout the year to keep your pulse on employee feedback. Our platform allows you to create a standalone employee survey experience or include it in another employee digital experience such as your internal communications app, employee onboarding, etc.

Take Your Internal Events to the Next Level

Your business hosts multiple internal events a year that range from all-hands meetings to quarterly business reviews to sales team meetings to educational sessions about HR benefits to holiday parties and more. These are numerous opportunities for you to uplevel the event experience with a compelling digital element that includes everything from agendas, attendee lists, scavenger hunts, indoor wayfinding, and more.

Help Visitors Seamlessly Navigate Your Office Building

Every day your office building welcomes first-time visitors that range from customers, new employees, hiring candidates, vendors, and more who need assistance in finding their way. While it’s ideal to provide every first-time visitor with a personalized tour, it’s also highly unlikely that your business has the resources to do so. That’s where Lumavate comes in. Using our platform, you can quickly launch a wayfinding digital experience that provides step-by-step written instructions with pictures on how to get from one location in your building to another.

Streamline the Process for Your Field Service Team

Every day your team is in the field helping customers with their technical issues, collecting product information to prep for new product installation, replacing worn parts, and so much more. They have a lot going on and need an easy way to access their assigned projects and relevant training materials which often rely on disparate tech stacks. This can cause your field team to spend more time finding information and updating various systems than actually helping your customers in the field. With Lumavate, you can create a unified front-end for your field service team that is aligned to their needs and seamlessly integrates with all of your tech stacks so they always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Sales Team

No matter what customer relationship management (CRM) system you use, it’s highly likely that you struggle to get your sales team to keep it updated on a regular basis. One of the primary reasons driving this behavior is that your CRM doesn’t truly align to your sales process and often requires the team to do a multitude of unnecessary clicks to update information. That’s where our platform can help. With Lumavate, you can actually build out a customized front-end to your CRM that fully aligns with your sales process and needs of your sales team while ensuring all of the data instantaneously flows into your CRM. It’s a win-win.

Bring Out the Best in Your Team

One of the most crucial components to the success of your business is ongoing employee training. While some of this enablement can definitely occur in-person, it’s imperative that your business provides employees with on-demand training resources they can access at any time. Using Lumavate, you can create an employee training digital experience that gives your team a checklist of content to review, access to on-demand training videos and resources, and much more. Plus, it’s always available to them on any device: mobile, tablet, and desktop so they can easily access it no matter where they are.

Make It Easy to Share Resources

Your company has invested in creating a ton of great marketing and sales resources that are designed to be used throughout various stages in your sales process. The problem? It’s often hard for your sales team to locate these resources so they can easily share them with customers. That’s where Lumavate comes in. Our platform allows you to create a portal for your sales team to easily access sales resources to share in conversation with customers or send directly to them via email or text.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?