Built to Drive Results

With Lumavate you can go from idea to launch faster than your competitors.

Tackle Your Biggest Challenges

Our platform is designed to help you solve some of the biggest challenges for your business and quickly drive results.

Drive Revenue

Create digital experiences that help customers determine the best product to purchase, streamline repeat purchases, then watch your sales skyrocket.

Decrease Costs

Eliminate the need for printed manuals, troubleshooting calls, and more by providing customers with easy access to up-to-date product information.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Deliver a seamless, personalized experience for every moment in the journey that is cost-effective and scalable.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Turn customers into brand advocates with special offers, loyalty programs, exclusive content, and more.

Stand Out in the Aisle

Disrupt the aisle and make your brand stand out with an in-aisle digital experience that helps customers select the right product or try a new product.

Bridge Offline and Online

Connect your in-store or dealer experience with an online element to provide an omnichannel customer experience.

Capture Zero-party Data

Collect contact information and opt-ins from your customers and have the data sent directly to your system of record.

Delight Partners

Give your partners a customized portal and library of multimedia resources they can use to increase sales of your products.

Empower Your Team

Enable everyone in your business to create engaging and secure digital experiences without developers.

Integrate With Your Tech Stack

Easily integrate with your existing tech stack and build digital experiences that pull content and data from multiple sources onto a single page.

Engage Your Employees

Elevate the employee experience with personalized communications, customized onboarding, training resources, and more.

Create Digital Experiences for Your Entire Customer Journey

Drive More Revenue

The primary metric of success for every business is revenue. And no matter the size of your business, you're always going to be looking for ways to increase revenue. That's where Lumavate comes in. Using Lumavate, there are countless ways you can drive more revenue for your business from marketing campaigns to product launches to employee productivity and so much more.

Amplify Your Marketing Campaigns

Partner every campaign with a digital element that generates conversations, brand engagement, and drives increased revenue.

Boost Product Launches

Give your new products the celebration they deserve with an engaging digital experience that drives revenue and generates brand awareness.

Maximize Your Events

Ensure the investment you've made in events is driving the highest ROI for your business by simplifying lead registration, providing digital takeaways, and more.

Decrease Your Costs

Every business is always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce costs and increase profit margins. The push to decrease costs is more critical than ever now due to high inflation that is driving up the costs for every aspect of your business. Using Lumavate, there are countless options for you to take advantage of to reduce your costs from eliminating printing, improving employee productivity, decreasing customer service calls, and more.

Digitize Your Product Guide and Manuals

Save money by transitioning your printed product guide and manuals to a digital version that provides more information and is always up-to-date.

Improve Sales Productivity

Reduce the time it takes to update your CRM with a customized sales experience that eliminates unnecessary clicks and is aligned to your business processes.

Drive Service Efficiencies

Give your customer support teams and field service technicians the information they need at their fingertips to quickly help customers.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalization. Consumers demand it, but it's often been difficult to implement and manage. Enter Lumavate. We make personalization-at-scale cost-effective and manageable, no matter how many personalized experiences you want to create. Just ask one of our customers who had two marketers create 600 personalized experiences in three days using Lumavate.

Share Highly-relevant Communications

Ensure your customers receive personalized content that is dynamically generated based on their relationship with your brand and the information they've shared.

Guide the Shopping Experience

Take your customers by the hand digitally and guide them through an online shopping experience that drives sales and creates brand advocates.

Provide Content Recommendations

Provide customers with access to content that is applicable to everything your brand knows about the customer.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Research has shown that companies with high brand loyalty often grow their revenue 2.5 times faster than their peers. Existing customers are 60 percent more likely to try out a new product from your brand than a new customer. These are only a few reasons why it's mission critical for your business to drive brand loyalty among your customers. Using Lumavate, it's easy to create compelling digital experiences that turn customers into brand advocates.

Reward Brand Advocates

Show your customers how much you appreciate their business with a loyalty program that rewards them for repeat purchases, referrals, social engagement, and more.

Inspire Your Customers

Drive excitement with a curated product lookbook that shows customers how to style or use your products in their everyday lives.

Host Exclusive Events

Make your VIP customers feel extra special by hosting an exclusive event that includes a personalized digital experience.

Stand Out in the Aisle

The in-aisle experience is more crowded than ever before making it extremely difficult to stand out from the competition. Your brand has to implement disruptive marketing strategies to grab attention and increase product sales. Using Lumavate, you have multiple ways to disrupt the in-aisle experience and drive sales for your business.

Combine In-aisle and Digital

Use shelf and floor talkers to connect the in-aisle experience to digital to provide special offers, product information, reviews, and more.

Enhance Your Shopper Campaign

Take your shopper marketing efforts to the next level with interactive digital elements that drive sales, social media engagement, brand awareness, and loyalty.

Recommend Products

Help customers find the best product for their needs through an interactive quiz that provides personalized product recommendations.

Bridge Offline and Online

Your customers interact with your brand both online and offline. No matter where their interaction takes place, they expect to have a personalized experience that takes into account their activities across both offline and online channels. Using Lumavate, you can easily bridge the gap between offline and online.

Pair Your Products with Digital

Include a QR code, text in, or NFC tag on packaging that connects to product details, troubleshooting information, and more.

Compare Product Options

Ensure customers choose the best product for their needs with a product comparison tool that helps them make decisions in-aisle.

Simplify Access to Product Information

Prevent customers from searching the internet for product information with in-aisle shelf or floor talkers that connect QR codes to a digital experience.

Capture Zero-party and First-party Data

It's more important than ever to capture zero-party and first-party data from your customers given the upcoming changes to cookies by Apple and Google. Using Lumavate, you can easily collect customer data and send it directly to your system of record as well as allow customers to opt-in to receive your brand's marketing messages.

Increase Registrations

Quickly build forms to collect lead, event, or product registrations in any digital experience and have the data sent immediately to your system of record.

Collect Text Message Opt-ins

Make it fast and easy for customers to opt-in to receive text messages from your brand. We'll automatically handle double opt-in confirmations for you!

Maximize the Use of Behavioral Data

Pair your zero-party data with the first-party behavioral data you've captured from customers to further personalize their experience.

Delight Your Partners

Your network of partners and dealers is a critical channel for your business. It often drives a substantial portion of sales. That's why you need to ensure your network is delighted by your company and prefers you over the competition. Using Lumavate, you can quickly create and launch a variety of digital experiences that will delight your partners and dealers, and drive increased sales.

Streamline Communications

Provide each of your partners with highly-personalized communications to ensure they're always in the know.

Simplify Access to Resources

Make it easy for your partners to access marketing materials, view pricing information, submit orders, and more with a secure portal designed just for them.

Provide Co-branded Experiences

Give each of your partners a co-branded digital experience that combines your products with their brand.

Empower Your Team

Everyone in your business needs the ability to create and launch digital experiences in a few hours rather than waiting in the never-ending queue for development resources. Using Lumavate, anyone in your organization has the ability to create and launch landing pages, mobile apps, microsites, portals, and more. If you can see it on a screen, you can build it in Lumavate.

Easy-to-use WYSIWYG Designer

Design landing pages, mobile apps, portals, microsites, and more using our Studio. It gives you the power to fully customize the design.

No Developers or Code Required

Our platform was built by marketers for marketers. That's why our platform is truly no-code, yet provides nuanced control of the design; ensuring marketers can move quickly and creatively.

Templates for Every Use Case

Use one of our best-in-class templates to drastically shorten your speed-to-market so you can drive results quickly.

Integrate All of Your Tech Stack

Integrating your existing tech stack to your digital experiences has never been easier. We provide out-of-the-box integrations to all of the biggest technology providers allowing you to connect your existing tech stack to our platform in minutes.

Connect to Your Data Systems

Whether it's one data system of record or multiple ones, we make it easy to collect, edit, and display your data.

Connect to Your Content Management System

Pull content directly from your content management system (CMS) to use in your digital experiences created with Lumavate.

Connect to Any Third-Party Tech Stack

We're tech-agnostic and building the largest library of tech integrations. If your existing tech solution has an open API then we can integrate with it.

Engage Your Employees

Employees are bombarded with internal and external messages from multiple channels every single day which makes it extremely difficult to truly capture their attention and engagement. Providing highly-personalized content and digital experiences to your employees is one way to break through the noise and drive the behaviors you want. We make it easy for you to quickly implement various digital experiences designed to capture the attention and engagement of your most valuable asset, your employees.

Personalize Employee Communications

Provide every employee with an employee portal that is 100 percent personalized based on their role, region, and more.

Elevate the Onboarding Experience

Make a strong first impression with your new employees with a digital onboarding experience that is customized to them.

Collect Employee Feedback

Capture real-time feedback on employee satisfaction, benefits, engagement, performance, and more.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?