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QR Code Marketing

What are QR Codes?

A QR code is a unique code that allows you to quickly view content on your mobile device. QR stands for “quick response”, and it works by simply scanning a QR code with either your phone camera, or a QR code scanner. The link embedded in the QR code will then appear and you can click on it and have it quickly take you to the brand’s content. When QR codes were first introduced they saw slow adoption, but with the introduction of iOS 11, it was then possible to scan a QR code using your iPhone camera. This resulted in immense growth and popularity of QR codes. QR codes in 2022 are now commonly used as a way to quickly access information, contacts, products and more. You can also link to a website or web destination using QR codes.

Another consideration when building QR codes is if you want the data in the QR code to be fixed or adjustable. If you want it to be fixed, then you should use a static QR code. This means the destination is linked in the QR code cannot be changed once it is stored in the QR code, and if the code is changed or misprinted then it will not work. If you want more flexibility you should consider a dynamic QR code. These QR codes allow you to place a short URL in the QR code and it can be changed at any time, even after it is printed.

Types of QR Codes

QR codes are a very simple piece of technology for users to use, but there are multiple types of QR codes that brands need to decide on when they are creating their QR codes. When creating a QR code through a QR code platform, you first must decide what you want the QR code to take the user to. For example, the QR code can be linked to a website, text, contact information, location, etc. If you are interested in linking to text, you should use a text QR code. This is the simplest form of a QR code. You can link up to 300 characters, and scanning the QR code will take you to the text. If you want the QR code to save contact information or a location or something, then you would want to create a vcard QR code. With these codes you can link to a person’s or a business’ phone number and scanning the QR code will save the number in the user's phone. Or you could embed a location in the QR code, and scanning the code will take you to the location on a map. If you are interested in this option, there are many resources that allow you to develop a free dynamic QR code. Finally, you have to consider how you want to save your QR code. When doing this there are many options of how you can download the code. You can download it as a pdf, jpeg, QR code png, or as a QR code svg file.

QR Code Marketing

Many brands are beginning to use QR codes as a marketing tool because it offers a simple call to action, and gets users to the brands website or content quickly. There are many different ways to implement QR code marketing into your marketing strategy. One way brands have started creating a QR code marketing strategy is through QR code OOH marketing, or out of home marketing. This is when QR codes are placed in signs in the mall, airports, restaurants, or outside where consumers can access and scan them. This allows consumers to access content no matter where they are. Marketers and brands are also using QR codes as a way to run QR code proximity marketing campaigns because they do not require an app download. The idea of proximity marketing connects technology to a specific location. Therefore, marketers can connect the technology of a QR code to their store or a mall, and use their QR code to redirect shoppers to their website or social media. This can be an effective form of proximity marketing because it is quick and easy for the consumers to use. Some other ways to use creative QR codes are incorporating a QR code into a product to create personalized experiences, on social media to quickly let consumers purchase a product, to offer more information about products, or even incorporating it into a commercial on TV. There are many different types of QR code campaigns, and if done correctly can lead to higher conversion rates. The most important thing to be aware of when getting started with QR codes is that you should be aware of what the QR code marketing 2022 trends are to make sure your QR codes uses are innovative.

QR Code Generator Software

Generating QR codes is easier than ever these days, and there are so many different QR code generator software options. When deciding what the best option for you is, you first need to decide what kind of QR code you want to make. If you are looking to create a text QR code for your brand, then you would want to look at a text QR code generator. One example of a QR code platform you can look at is text QR code video store. However, if you are looking to build a vcard QR code or a QR code that links to a website or social media platform, you will want to look at other QR code generators.

After you know what kind of QR code you want to generate, you should start looking at different QR code studios and generators. You will want to look at all of the different features that can be incorporated into your QR code. Some questions to ask include can this generator link to my website? If you don’t have an official website, can the studio act as a Facebook QR code generator to link to your company’s facebook page? How complex can the QR code be? Can you edit it? These simple questions will help you identify if the QR code generator will work for all you need it to do. Another thing to consider is can you customize the QR code design, and is it a QR code generator with logo capabilities. Some QR code generators do not let you customize or edit the image, so if you want the QR code to include a logo or words related to your brand, you should look for that feature in a studio. Finally, you need to know how you want to save your QR code, and find a generator that allows for that file type. Some common files are pdf, jpeg, svg, png. There are many pdf QR code generators free online, but if you do not want it saved as a pdf there are many more options as well.

QR Code Companies

Finding a company that generates QR codes is not a difficult task. There are many companies that specialize in generating QR codes. Some of the best QR code selling websites including Trello, QR Code Monkey, QR Stuff, and Fiverr. All of these QR code companies are highly rated, and have pros and cons depending on what you are looking for. For example, a Trello QR code is built through Qreator, and Trello allows teams to work collaboratively on this desktop QR generator. QR Code Monkey on the other hand acts solely as a free generator, but allows you to customize the color, design and logo of your QR code. A Fiverr QR code will be generated by a third-party that is recommended through Fiverr. So there are many different options for generating QR codes depending on what kind of services you are looking for. There are options to use free builders, or free-lancers, or a QR code platform. All of these are good options depending on what features you are looking for in your QR code. Most QR code companies also provide resources on best practices for QR codes as well. This will let you learn more about the technology, and how you can implement QR code marketing into your strategy before you commit to building a QR code.

QR Code Scanner

Scanning a QR code is very simple these days. When Apple released iOS 11, they incorporated a QR code scanner into the phone’s camera. This way anyone who owns an iPhone always has a QR code reader with them! However, for those who do not have a QR code scanner free in their camera, there are many other QR code scanners that you can easily access. For example, QR stuff has a scanner that anyone can access and easily use. There is also a QR code scanner Google Chrome extension available for anyone to add to their Chrome browser. If you have an Android phone, you can download the QR code scanner APK, which was specifically designed for Androids. If you want a more sophisticated QR code scanner, there are options to get a scanner specific to the code language the code is built in. For example a HTML5 QR code scanner can read more complex code, and works across all platforms. Diksha is another QR code resource. There is an option to use the Diksha QR code scanner online, but it also offers resources to learn more about QR codes, and take online courses relating to them. Overall, there are many options to get an on screen QR code scanner for your mobile device.

Ways to Use QR Codes

There are multiple different ways that a marker can implement QR codes into their strategy. So, if you are thinking “how should I use a QR code”, look at some brands using QR codes successfully. Nike has used QR codes in the past as a way for consumers to purchase Air Jordan sneakers. Nike made it possible for consumers who attended their NBA All-Star Game Party to buy a pair of Air Jordans by offering a QR code that opened up snapchat and buy a pair of sneakers through the app. Starbucks is another great example of other ways to use QR codes. Starbucks uses QR codes to let customers easily pay through their mobile app, allowing for an easy and contactless purchase process. Airlines are another example of QR codes. Most people just rely on a QR code as their boarding pass these days instead of printing out a boarding pass because it is easy and portable. These are just a few of many QR code examples that are used daily. QR codes are a great tool for brands to use because the QR code CTA (call to action) is simple, and takes consumers directly to where the brand wants them to go. Due to the simplicity of QR codes, QR code conversion rates are high, and have been found to increase website traffic. While QR codes are easy to use, it still might be worth it to include QR code instructions examples to make sure you aren’t missing any consumers who may not know exactly how to use them.

Uses for QR Codes in Everyday Life

When thinking about how to start using QR codes in your marketing strategy, you want to try to implement QR codes into your consumers everyday life. There are multiple uses of QR codes in everyday life, and most people probably use QR codes more frequently than they are aware of. Snapchat is a great example of implementing QR code into daily life. Every Snapchat user has their own QR code, and others can scan it to add them as a friend. There are many creative ways that a brand can use QR codes in daily life, for example a QR code text message. You could place a QR code on product packaging, and the link could take you to an SMS conversation with the brand so the consumer can provide feedback. Another use could be QR code for locations. If a company wants to easily share where they are located they could use a QR code, and that way consumers can easily pull up directions.

QR Code Examples

QR codes can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to marketing. There are QR code examples in ads like including them on TV so the viewer can easily access the brands website if they are interested in the product or service. They can also be used on signs in out of the home advertising, on product packaging, or through social media. It is easy to conduct QR code research and find use cases for inspiration of how you can start using QR codes. There are also resources like a QR code sample pdf or books about QR Codes for Dummies if you have no idea how to get started. There are also many examples of QR code examples in education. QR codes can be incorporated in books or as a tool to direct students to educational resources. The opportunities to use QR codes are endless, and it is not difficult to find a QR code selling website if you want to start creating QR codes for your brand.

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