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Progressive Web App Framework

We are addicted to our phones these days. Because of this, many brands are dabbling in the world of app building because it’s one of the best channels to connect with one’s audience. If you are going to build an app, you need Progressive App frameworks to construct the app. When it comes to finding the right Progressive Web App framework, there are a few viable options.

One of the best known is the React PWA framework. It is probably the best known because it is heavily supported by Facebook, and it has an extensive JavaScript library. A React Progressive Web App can do just about anything with so many resources available. The downside to react is that it is geared for professional programmers. First-time app builders might struggle to use it.

Another big name in the business is the Ionic framework. This is an open-source framework built on Apache and Angular. Since it’s open-source, it’s free.

If you’re looking for the best PWA framework 2021 has to offer, you have good choices. One that thousands of users trust is Lumavate. Lumavate is an entire app development platform with a framework that is designed for anyone to come and build amazing apps. You can build an entire app in a surprisingly short amount of time without writing a single line of code.

It is a great PWA framework 2021 developers have enjoyed because of its accessibility. Lumavate specifically caters to marketers, allowing them to build their own apps from scratch. This mitigates communication problems between developers and the people who actually use the apps. It also dramatically lowers the cost of app development.

Lumavate also uses a massive Library that gives it the open-source experience while still de-emphasizing a developer’s need to write code for their app.

Progressive Web App Builder Software

When you are involved in Progressive Web App development, you have a few options. You can do it the hard way and build everything from scratch.

Or, you can save yourself a ton of time and implement a Progressive Web App builder. A no code PWA builder does a lot of the heavy lifting for you during the process. You can import tools and resources that already work. You can use the builder’s graphical interface to arrange and lay out your app without having to write code. 

When you find the best PWA builder for your goals, it will dramatically shorten the time it takes you to build your app. This lowers development costs and enables you to build apps as soon as the need arises. It makes everything more responsive, and your Progressive Apps builder has no trouble keeping up. 

In fact, you might even be able to find a powerful Progressive Web App builder free of charge. Lumavate is a great example. It has a free version that you can use for extensive development. It even helps you launch the app when you are done.

You don’t have to search for PWA builder Android because PWAs work on all devices. But if you are searching for  PWA builder online, then Lumavate can do it all. The apps you make with this platform are universal, so you don’t have to redesign your apps for different operating systems. 

It’s also easy to use. Lumavate is devoted to the no code movement. Anyone in your business can build an app using the no code platform in just a matter of hours. 

That is one of the most powerful resources you can find in the pursuit of the Progressive Web App that you need.

Progressive Web App Example

With all of this talk about platforms and development, maybe we should talk a little more about what a Progressive Web App is. Progressive Web Apps are one of the leading ways to design mobile apps, and for a few good reasons. 

We can start with a progressive web app example. One of the best known PWAs in the business is Starbucks. Starbucks doubled its daily active users once they launched its PWA. 

Because PWAs work on all form factors and devices, the Progressive Web Apps cost totals is typically more cost effective than native mobile apps. 

A PWA apps list can let you see that this is a common theme among huge companies, and they are netting large benefits from embracing PWA development. Any PWA  has a chance to work extremely well when it is designed according to PWA principles. If you want to keep costs down, benefits up and development at its best, consider learning more about PWAs and how you can break into this type of app development.

For that, you can turn to Lumavate. You can either build an app from scratch or you can get a jump start on the app building process with pre-made app template like Career Fair, Content 2.0 and CPG Cosmetics. You’ll find that the full list of app Starter Kits is impressive. 

PWA Tools

So, how can you best create PWA apps?. Can you convert a website to PWA? Are there specific PWA tools that make it all work? 

There are two things you can learn about that make the process accessible. The first is frameworks.

An app framework is basically the foundation that is used to build code for the app. A great example is the Ionic 3 progressive web app framework. It’s an open-source app-building environment that is rich with pre-built functions and imports. The downside to Ionic is that its frequent updates require you to keep updating your app so that it continues to work.

A framework is different from a language, such as Typescript PWA. Typescript is what you use to write the code. The framework is built on top of that to make it easier to organize your code into functioning features. 

Other Progressive Web App tools fall into the builder category. This would be something like Lumavate. Lumavate is a whole platform that has tools that help you construct your app without writing any code. All of this is possible because of the extensive library. As you go through the library, you will see that it already has the functions and features that you will want for your app. You can simply import the functions that are right for you, and they work without writing any new code.

With this powerful library, you will never have to convert website to Progressive Web App. Instead, you can build the app directly, and it will be faster and easier.

PWA Template

As you look more into development, you might find that a Progressive Web App template can do you a lot of good. This certainly helps many new developers to lower development time and ensure app quality.

Lumavate uses PWA starter template kits. These kits basically outline an entire app for you. All you have to do is customize it to your liking with visuals and specific tools you might want to add.

Keep in mind that Lumavate offers a free Progressive Web App template list that you can see here. Any Progressive Web App template free download can jumpstart your development and help you get on the road to success.

Whether you want a PWA HTML template or just a Bootstrap PWA template (or any other), Lumavate already has them.

To get your PWA template free of any charge or commitment, all you have to do is make an account. Curious to see more PWA template free downloads that Lumavate has to offer? Check out our App Gallery for some Progressive Web App examples you can build on your own. 

Progressive Web App Tutorial

Something else that can help you launch a new app is a Progressive Web App tutorial. Knowing the key steps to successful development will help you along the way, and it can prevent you from running into common mistakes.

You can break the entire process into a list of shockingly easy steps:

  • Name the app
  • Set the font and colors
  • Add any pages you like
  • Add components and features from the library
  • Customize the header and footer
  • Drag and drop whatever you choose
  • Publish 

Granted, that’s how easy it is with the Lumavate platform. If you go with less accessible resources, it might not be as easy to make your app. 

On top of this easy process, Lumavate does offer on-demand training and tutorials. You can learn from experts how to use the resources effectively and build the exact app that you really want. Each PWA tutorial keeps you on the right track for easy success.

 You can also learn Progressive Web Application development by example. Lumavate resources are rich with already working apps that can show you how everything works. Combine that with a simple PWA tutorial, and you will be mastering the process in no time.

Want to use the best Progressive Web app builder today? It’s all available when you sign up for a free account. There’s no need to wait.

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