Content Management Built to Work for You

Easy access to your content no matter where you store it. We give you the flexibility to pull from your content management system, ours, or a combination.

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Use Your Content Management System, Ours, or Both

We’re serious. You can pull content into your digital experiences directly from your existing content management system (CMS) or our CMS in a few clicks. You also can use content from more than one CMS on the same page to ensure you’re creating the digital experience you want for your customers, partners, or employees. Our approach might be different from other digital experience platforms who limit you to only using their CMS, but we strongly believe that we’re all better when tech works together.

Use Lumavate Content

Upload and access text, images, video, audio, and more from Lumavate Content to use in your digital experiences. Any edits you make to content stored in Lumavate Content are automatically updated in your digital experiences.

Connect to Your Existing CMS

Pull content directly from your CMS to use in your digital experiences created using Lumavate. Any content edits you make in your CMS are automatically updated in your digital experiences.

Add Content to a Single Experience

For all of those times when you only need to use an image, text, etc. in a single experience and don’t want to make it available for others to use.

Manage Your Content With Ease

Our content functionality makes it simple to pull from your connected CMS, our CMS, or a combination of both. We’ve designed it to allow you to easily switch between content sources without needing to change the page design. Plus, we’ve structured it so you can access specific content types such as audio, documents, forms, text, images, etc. and use this content in almost any design element to give you true flexibility over the design of your digital experiences.


Embed audio stored in Lumavate Content, Casted, Libsyn, SoundCloud, or Spotify directly in your digital experiences.


View documents stored in Lumavate Content, Veeva, and more on a page and ensure any edits made to these documents are immediately updated in your experiences.


Build forms connected to Lumavate Content or other third-party data technologies such as Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and more.


Access a library of more than 100 icons to use in your digital experiences and have the power to customize the icon color to match your brand.


Pull in images from Lumavate Content, Craft, Contentstack, Veeva, and more into any design element with an image.


Create engaging product or content recommendation quizzes that can be built once and used across an unlimited number of experiences.


Use the same plain text or rich text in multiple digital experiences and ensure any edits made to this text are automatically updated across all experiences using it.


Embed videos stored in Lumavate Content, Brightcove, Kaltura, Loom, Vidyard, Wistia, or YouTube directly in your digital experiences.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?