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Episode #009: Stephanie Cox, VP of Sales & Marketing at Lumavate

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Real Marketers is all about providing a voice for the marketers who ask forgiveness not permission, move fast, obsess about results, and have a ton of crazy ideas. Most of our episodes feature a guest on the show that fits this personality and we have a conversation with the guest to share his or her story. While we’ll continue to have guests on the show, we also want to start incorporating the voice of our listeners more in the show. That’s why we’re introducing the concept of “Listener Episodes” where we’ll occasionally pose a question and ask all of our listeners to submit voice or video recordings of their responses and we’ll combine those responses into a future episode on the show. The question for our first Listener Episode is “What is the biggest thing you've ever failed at in your career, and how has it impacted you?” Please record your answers and submit the recordings to us via DM on Twitter or LinkedIn or you can email them to

Also, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of the REAL Marketers Community. Our goal is to build an entire community of REAL marketers where you can openly communicate with other marketers just like you. While the REAL Marketers won’t officially launch until the end of October, we’re giving early access to all of our podcast listeners. If you want early access to the community before anyone else, send us a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn or email us at

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Stephanie Cox: Welcome to REAL MARKETERS, where we hear from marketers who move fast, ask forgiveness, not permission, obsess about driving results, and are filled to the brim with crazy ideas and the guts to implement them. This is not a fireside chat and there's absolutely no bullshit allowed here. And I'm your host, Stephanie Cox. I have more than 15 years of marketing experience and I've pretty much done about everything in my career. I believe speed is better than perfection. I use the Oxford comma. I love Coca- Cola. I have exceptionally high standards and surround myself with people who get shit done. On this show, my guests and I will push boundaries, and share the real truth about marketing, and empower you to become a real marketer. Welcome back to another episode of REAL MARKETERS. This is a special episode, actually. Normally, we would have a guest on, but today we're going to focus on how all of you get to be involved in the show. So let's start talking about the first opportunity. We are launching a REAL Marketers community. It's a place where marketers just like you, who ask forgiveness, not permission, have tons of crazy ideas, run fast. I mean you know, the drill. Can get together with other people with similar personalities and share what works, what doesn't work, ask the hard questions. It's a place for you to be you and to talk to other people like you that are struggling with some of the same marketing challenges that you're likely facing. This special community is going to launch at the end of October, but we're going to give early access to all of our listeners. So if you want to get part of the community before it launches to anyone else, what you need to do is send me a DM on LinkedIn or on Twitter, Stephanie Cox 04, or you can also send a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn to the show, and we will get you an early invite. Trust me, you're going to want to be part of this community. We're going to have lots of great content coming out, and it's going to be an open conversation between all of you, with each other, and with tons of sharing. Next, this one, I think I'm even more excited about. I've been trying to figure out how do I get more voices on the show? And one obvious answer is to do more episodes a week, but let's be honest, that's not feasible for me right now. So the next opportunity that I had was," Well, how do I get all of you to participate in the show and have a voice?" And that's what we're going to start right now. So every couple of months we're going to put out a request for listener episodes. And what that's going to mean is I'm going to ask a question to all of my listeners out there, and you're going to get on your phone or Zoom, or however you want to do it, and record a 30- second to one- minute answer to it, and then send it to me. Then what we're going to do is we're going to have a couple of episodes that are literally answers from listeners to these questions. And our first question is going to be, what is the biggest thing you've ever failed at in your career, and how has it impacted you? So what I want you to do, grab your phone, record something, send it to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, send it to the show, and then in a couple of weeks, we're going to compile all those together and put out a listener episode. And like I said, we're going to try and do these every couple of months. We'll have different topics. Feel free to suggest topics to me on social media, if you have one. But the whole goal is I want to give all of you a voice on this show. I want all of you to have an opportunity to contribute to it. So instead of spending another 20 minutes listening to me, what I want you to do now is reach out to us on social, to request to be part of the new REAL Marketers community, before it launches to anyone else. And think about what your biggest failure is and what you've learned from it, because your biggest failure can help someone else in their career. So record that, send it over to us on social media, and then watch out for next week. We have some really great guests lined up and I'm excited to get our first listeners' episode out there in the next month or so. Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone. You've been listening to REAL MARKETERS. If you love what you've heard, make sure to subscribe, rate, and review our podcast, and don't forget to tell a friend. All this marketing goodness shouldn't be kept a secret.

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