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For marketer’s, today mobile is essential to creating the ultimate customer experience. Yet, many brands are doing it wrong and worse, even more, don’t know they’re doing it wrong.

Mobile Matters changes all that. Mobile Matters by Lumavate sheds light on what’s happening in mobile, demystifies the customer expectations while teaching you how to make mobile work. Mobile Matters will empower you to deliver personalized connections that go beyond winning the home screen.

Listen Monday mornings to learn how you can put mobile at the center of your marketing, the right way to leverage it, and better yet - be empowered to think differently. Mobile Matters gives you access to thought leaders and resources to impact your company, your career, and your customer.

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Stephanie Cox: I'm Stephanie Cox and I've spent the last decade working on mobile. When I started in mobile BlackBerry apps were still a thing. Think about that one for a second. I've helped organizations of all sizes launch native mobile apps and mobile messaging programs in more than 10 countries around the world. One of the things that I like to say is if you've ever done mobile chances are you got the war wounds to prove it, and let me tell you I definitely do. But through all of the challenges I faced: new tech, weird bugs, App Store declines for what I swear is no reason, I still saw the power of what was possible with mobile. I knew if we as marketers could get past the technology challenges, the long-drawn-out process of the App Store, and start thinking about what we should be doing on mobile versus what we could be doing then the possibilities for engagement would be endless.
And that's where Mobile Matters comes in. It's meant for the marketer who wants to learn from and engage with other mobile marketers and thought leaders in mobile. And me? I want to challenge everything you've been doing in mobile for the last decade. It's time to start thinking differently. I started Mobile Matters because the way brands engage with consumers, it's changing, and what's happening in the mobile tech space, it's really exciting. But historically as marketers, myself included, we spend a ton of time thinking that the answer to mobile engagement is to develop another native mobile app or more landing pages, and we've never taken the time to take a step back and say what does the consumer want from us at this exact moment in time on their mobile device? So think of mobile matters as your guide to understanding how to think about engaging with consumers on mobile. In this show we will explore the pressing mobile questions like: are we engaging consumers the way they want to be engaged? Are we spending our time or resources in dollars the right way on mobile? If not, what should we be doing?
Every week we're going to learn what other digital marketers are doing, how they're measuring success, where they're spending their time, and what's working or more importantly what's not working for them? I'll be talking to senior-level marketers who are running digital at the highest levels and leaders on the forefront of mobile tech. My promise to you is that you're going to learn what's happening in mobile, what you need to be aware of, and how you can leverage it effectively. So think of mobile matters as a little bit of education, innovation , and hopefully some inspiration, and a lot of laughs. At the end of the day, I want you to stop asking what could we do on mobile and start asking what we should do on mobile. Subscribe today to never miss an episode. You can follow me and my own mobile journey on Twitter @StephanieCox04.

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