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Episode #042: Lilian Tomovich, Chief Experience and Marketing Officer at MGM Resorts International

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This is a special episode of Mobile Matters because we’re going back to the cutting room floor for this episode and sharing content from one of our previous episodes with the Chief Experience and Marketing Officer at MGM Resorts International, Lilian Tomovich. In this episode of Mobile Matters, we’re talking with Lilian about who has influenced her career and the advice she has for the next generation of marketing leaders.


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Stephanie Cox: I'm Stephanie Cox and this is mobile matters. We're back with another From The Cutting Room Floor episode this week on mobile matters, and we're hearing from Chief experience and marketing officer at MGM Resorts International Lilian Tomovich again. I absolutely love talking to incredible marketing leaders and it's a bonus when they also happen to be an incredible female marketing leader. And that's the very definition of Lilian. When I had the pleasure of speaking with her as a guest on mobile matters the first time we talked all about how she reinvented the MGM brand, manages her working life and so much more. I also asked her about who influenced her career and leadership style, but I couldn't fit into the first episode with her. Take a listen to what Lilian shares is her advice for the next generation of marketing leaders.

So is there anything in your career that kind of helped you determine what kind of leader you wanted to be? Like I know for me my first boss. My first job out of school was a really phenomenal leader very similar to what you talked about and it's really influenced how I felt about growing in my career. You know how I manage my team and how I lead the organization now. So for you, was there anything that was kind of like this moment you realized this is the type of leader I want to be?

Lilian Tomovich: Yeah, it was definitely this fella early in my career. Sean right at the air miles reward program. He was not only incredibly smart and intuitive and focused and energetic and charismatic and all of those great leadership qualities. But as I mentioned he had this innate ability to connect with people and genuinely care about them and you know, as I said it was that moment and my father had actually had very similar qualities and characteristics. And I learned 

I think my greatest leadership skills through him, about the power of people and I knew that that was something that I wanted to harness in my career.

Stephanie Cox: If you had one piece of advice to give, like the next generation of marketing leaders that are you know kind of early on in their career. What's the one thing that you would tell them that they should be doing or should be learning right now to be really successful.

Lilian Tomovich: Will I, You know, when I started out in marketing, you know 25 plus years ago. It was this notion of marketing is you know Art + science and now I always say it's Art + science + technology and so more and more the types of people that I'm hiring are really technologist. And really understanding of marketing technology because that's powering pretty much everything we do around data and digital transformation and personalization and messaging our customers with relevant offers at the right time. That's all being powered by marketing tech stacks. And so I would say get very very comfortable with technology. 

Stephanie Cox: I think that's a really great point. I'm Stephanie Cox and you've been listening to mobile matters. If you haven't yet. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast until then be sure to visit and subscribe to get more access to thought leader’s best practices and all things mobile.

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