Partner With Lumavate

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  • Agency Partner

    Marketing agencies who want to grow their business by adding or expanding their offering of mobile solutions to their clients

  • Consulting Partner

    Consulting firms and IoT, CRM, and marketing systems integrators who want to expand their mobile offerings

  • Activation Partner

    NFC manufacturers, printers, packaging firms, and digital ad platforms who want to bring mobile to life

  • Technology Partner

    Software applications, IoT platforms, and cloud storage vendors who want to provide engaging mobile experiences

What’s in It for You?

The Perks of Partnership

As a teaming, reseller, or managed service partner, you gain access to our experienced team of mobile experts and innovative thinkers, as well as many other benefits. From in-person sales training to demand generation campaign resources to media opportunities and more, our team works with each of our partners to ensure we’re setting them up to drive long-term success. 

Where Partnerships Come To Life

The Widget Marketplace

Because widgets are the heart of our platform, all of our partners have access to our Widget Marketplace. Within the Widget Marketplace, partners can access public widgets and can choose to develop additional widgets for the Widget Marketplace. This means that any widgets partners publish to the Widget Marketplace are available to all Lumavate customers, providing partners with additional exposure to their brand. Partners also have the option to develop and publish private widgets to their own private marketplace that they can use only for their customers.

The Future of Mobile Awaits

Become a Partner

Join the growing community of Lumavate partners.