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A mobile app builder is software (or a software suite) that helps developers make codes from scratch. App making software comes in all sizes and shapes. Some software is designed to completely remove raw coding from the process and is commonly called no-code software. 

Other tools only reduce coding, earning the name low-code.

 There are also open source app builders. These builders provide access to a large range of tools that can help developers find or create tools specific to their apps. 

App builders also range in prices and complexity. The simplest builders are often free, offering fewer tools that streamline the process. Meanwhile, more powerful software is also available, ranging from one-time purchases to subscription-based models.

 To better understand app builders, we can take a detailed look at each type and some of the more popular businesses. Let’s start with open-source app builders.

Open Source No Code App Builder

To understand an open source no code app builder, we have to break down each concept.

Open-source software offers a lot of tools, but there is a specific reason for that. Open source means that all of the code is freely shared and made public. Anyone can develop tools within the framework of the software, and none of it is ever made private. 

A great example of this would be Mozilla Firefox. One of the most popular web browsers in the world, anyone can develop for Firefox because it is open source. If you want a specific web app, you can look through the endless libraries that developers have already made. You can use code already written for specific functions.

This ties right into the concept of no-code app building. For an app to work, there has to be raw code. But, you can become a software builder without programming any code yourself. To do that, you’ll need an app builder that uses intuitive controls to allow you to build the app as you see fit. While you use visual menus and interactive features, the app builder is working behind the scenes to arrange the code as needed.

So, when a no-code app builder has open-source resources, you get even more. Developers can copy and paste code from known-working tools. It gives you access to substantially more features, and you still don’t have to write any code from scratch.

In most cases, truly open-source app builders will not be completely no-code. If you’re going to pull code from a massive library, you might have to make small adjustments in order for that code to mesh with what you are developing.

Lumavate threads this needle exceptionally well. With an extensive Library, it more or less functions like an open source no code platform. The Lumavate Library borrows from the idea of open source because the Library included Ionic Components. Even the best free no code app builder would have a hard time competing. 

Another advantage of Lumavate is that it focuses on Progressive Web Apps (PWA). With this web application builder, you can make apps that work on Android and iPhone systems without having to redesign anything. Every app built on the Lumavate platform is deployed as a PWA. 


Mendix is an open source coding platform that focuses on low-code applications. The low code open source framework allows developers to enter into app construction with very little background knowledge and experience.

Mendix allows people in departments outside of IT to design apps for their own purposes. It leads to apps with better specific functionality that can improve workflow, efficiency, morale and more with in the company.

Mendix open source is built around what is known as an open source low code platform PHP. PHP is a general purpose language that is used for many open source applications. By tying into PHP, Mendix open source is expanded into the totality of PHP open source. The full range of prebuilt coding options is generally massive.

Mendix is competitive for many reasons, but it does come with a few disadvantages. The largest is probably the low code nature of the platform. If you look at low code app development Google results, you’ll find a common theme. They make development easier, but they are not as accessible for first-timers. Free low code development platforms (and paid platforms) require just enough coding to create a barrier of entry for many would-be developers.

This is what makes Lumavate so competitive. With its no code platform, you can build a personalized apps at scale. No code open source integration opens the door for all developers.


Outsystems is another open source development platform. Like many others, it provides an open source coding platform that enables developers to build apps with far less coding than if they built them without a platform. Despite that, Outsystems is still a low code builder rather than a no code option.

Kissflow open source is similarly competitive. It uses a database application builder free for customers, but it is yet another developer that only reduces coding. It doesn’t fully eliminate coding from the process.

This story plays out again and again as you look through various open source coding tools. If you want a truly no code experience, it is harder to find truly competitive options.

No Code Business Apps 

No code business apps are particularly appealing for marketing work. With no code app development, marketing departments can build their own apps at their own pace. You can develop specifically what you want and need, and you get to save the money that would be spent on an app development team that never really understood marketing in the first place.

No code app development platforms are the key resource for making this happen. A no code developer needs tools like those available from Lumavate. It is one of the best no code development platforms largely because of the sheer power it puts in the hands of new developers.

If you want to see just what can be done with a no code web app builder, take a look at this gallery. You can see countless real apps that have been made by Lumavate. None of them required specialized coding knowledge to develop. From career fairs to recruiting to customer support, all of it is at your fingertips.

Results like this are why no code platforms Gartner research rates apps like Lumavate so highly.

Appy Pie

When talking about the best free app builder, Appy Pie comes up a lot. If you want to take a project from website to app free of any fees, Appy Pie can help you do it. It is a free no code app builder that lets you develop specifically for Android and iOS. 

As impressive as Appy Pie is, it is not the undisputed choice for a couple of reasons. First, Appy Pie is only free for development. If you want to use the platform’s integrated publishing features, that comes at a price.

Additionally, Appy Pie is not built for PWAs. That means that any app has to be rebuilt to take it on both Android and iPhone stores.

When it comes to free no code application development, Lumavate is the true champion. With its built-in PWA development, it functions as Android app maker software offline and online. That same app will also work on iOS. 

With the Lumavate no code web app builder free version, you can make unlimited apps with access to the One Command Center, Starter Kits, online storage and support. If you’re looking for Android app maker software free download tools, this is the best you will find. You can sign up for a free account today.

Lumavate - The No Code App builder

Lumavate is the leading no code app builder for PWA apps. We call it the best no code app builder because it has been successfully used by so many new and first-time app developers. 

Marketers can use Lumavate to make no code business apps that are responsive, custom and on their own terms. New apps can be made in a matter of hours, and they can be updated at your own pace for continual no code app development. 

Lumavate can be used to build a single app, or you can build hundreds of apps for every specific purpose imaginable. The platform serves small businesses and enterprise operations, and it is already trusted by thousands of users. 

The best no code web app builder allows you to make PWAs. When you develop an app one time, it will automatically work on every operating system. You don’t have to redevelop for the sake of Android and iOS. It all works from the get go.

Lumavate is one of the best no code platforms because of the raw resources built into the platform. We have countless app templates, guides, and videos. Even free accounts get access to live support. There are really no limits to what you can accomplish with Lumavate. 

Jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the best app builder 2021 was able to provide. You will have a perfect app because you designed it yourself. You will never have to wait for an app developer. You will never have to go back and forth with a coding specialist to make sure the features you need are included. The entire process is in your hands with Lumavate.

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