A Comprehensive Guide to the Best "No Code" App Development Platforms

No Code App Development Platforms

Mobile App Builder

Just five years ago, only half the activity on the web was completed through mobile devices. Today, the numbers are more considerable — most online shopping and online browsing is done through smartphones and tablets. Many companies race looking to build mobile devices, especially after the pandemic and remote working made people more willing to use mobile apps.

But while it used to be that someone would hire an expensive development company, today, most people will use a mobile app builder. A mobile app builder is a program that makes apps. Often, it starts with a template, and the user customizes the app to their own company. There are low code apps (little programming), no code apps (no programming at all), and fully programmed app development kits.

Most companies want either low code platforms or no code platforms, with no code platforms like Lumavate having a distinct advantage. Others may use an open source development platform, but if it requires programming, the company is going to need to hire a programmer.

The best no code web app builder is a Progressive Web App builder. PWAs are apps that can function both as websites and mobile applications. They have many of the features of mobile applications but they don't need to be installed on an end user device. They are easier to use, making users more likely to engage with them.

What is certain is that companies today need apps. Most users are going to try to connect with a company through an app; if the company doesn't have an app, it loses that engagement. PWAs are one of the most versatile and economic methods of connecting to a business today. And it can all be done in an easy-to-use, no code platform.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms

When you're looking for the best tech companies, the Gartner Magic Quadrant often factors in. The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a very neat method of determining whether a company is a good fit. It rates the company not just based on its software or its features, but also how stable it is as a company, how quickly its growing, and how innovative it is.

If you look at the Gartner low code listings, you can find the Gartner Magic Quadrant for enterprise low code application platforms. A high-scoring Gartner magic quadrant low code platform won't just be a great utility; it'll be a good partner for years to come. The magic quadrant for enterprise low code application platforms tells you not only where the company currently is and how its platform is doing, but where the company is going to be in the future.

For many software solutions, the Gartner magic quadrant is a great analysis. Of course, it doesn't tell you everything you need to know about a platform, such as whether it only creates native apps or whether it can create PWAs.

No Code App Development Platforms

No code app development platforms let marketing departments, and consequently, companies, be more agile. This has been especially important during tumultuous economic times, during which many companies were struggling to pivot, to find new avenues, and to find new connections with their customers.

Through a no code app builder platform, companies are able to develop apps internally. Marketers, who are the ones "on the ground," are the ones who can change and customize the apps. No code app development platforms also make it easy to launch apps very quickly, something that's important if you're trying to hold on to an audience.

But what should people look for in a no code app builder? The best no code platforms provide scalability, templates, drag and drop features, and a reasonable cost.

There are companies like Lumavate, one of the best no code app builder platforms, that help to empower marketers with access to app development. And citizen developers, non-programmers who understand what users need more than the concepts of programming, are able to change apps on the fly to improve user experience.

With a no code app builder, citizen developers can take building apps into their own hands. This is one of the core benefits of Lumavate and one of the reasons it's so popular amongst marketing teams. With no code app builders, companies are able to better improve their apps, improve their user experience, and deliver their users with the experience that they want to help them down the sales funnel.


Appmakr is a platform that builds native mobile apps for iOS and Android. A popular no code mobile app builder for free no code application development, Appmaker can also build HTML5 mobile websites. It's one of the most popular app making websites out there. As a no code database web application builder, it's easy to use, simple, and functional.

But while it is a free service, it gates most of its features as premium features. And it creates native apps and web apps separately, rather than PWAs. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are preferred by most developers today, because PWAs can be used as both mobile apps and web apps, creating an all-in-one platform.


Appsheet is another no code app development platform much like Appmakr and AppyPie. A business app builder, the App sheet full form is particularly good at building apps from spreadsheets. You can see Appsheet samples on their website for more examples. It's a very specific type of app builder. But because it's designed for a single, niche thing (transitioning spreadsheets to an app), it isn't a great platform for general-purpose web applications.

If you want to create a data-driven app or an app-driven database, you can try out Appsheet.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a very popular, free no code app builder. In fact, it recently acquired Appmakr. It's a free app building platform that makes it possible to create native apps based on an array of application types. But the downside to Appy Pie is that it focuses on native apps, rather than progressive web applications.

There's an app creator software free download for Appy Pie, but while it may be one of the best free app builder platforms for native applications, you will need to upgrade to get premium features. It will let you build software without coding, which is why it is one of the best free app builder without coding platforms available.

Many will find, however, that Lumavate is more versatile. Lumavate is a mobile app builder and no code platform that is free to use. Lumavate creates Progressive Web Applications rather than native apps — which means the applications are both more versatile and scalable. Through Appy Pie, organizations can create an app easily, fast, and affordably.


Buildfire is an open source no code app builder. But what does it mean to be an open source no code app builder platform? An open source no code platform is a platform that anyone can modify. People can modify the platform itself, not just the apps that are created with it. Further, Buildfie is an open source no code app builder. A no code app builder requires no programming knowledge to develop an app.

If you want an Android app maker software free download, Buildfire will let you build web app without code, while also connecting with the larger community. The advantage to using a no code web app builder open source is that you have a community available. Many other users will have already programmed solutions to problems you might have.

While Lumavate isn't an open source tool, it is a no code web app builder and borrows from the idea of open source. The Lumavate Library does operate as an open source solution, with its Ionic Components. It operates as a good free app maker for students (because it can be used free). Buildfire is a great zero code platform open source, but like many open source platforms, it doesn't have the solid customer support a team might need. And Lumavate has many offerings available for students looking for a development framework.


Mendix is an open source coding platform. With Mendix, developers are able to launch programs much faster. But it's not a truly no code platform; it's a low code platform.

When it comes to development, it's always a choice between either spending more or doing more on your own. With Mendix, companies are able to develop on the open source application platform, but they will need to invest in hiring programmers. They can do more on their own, but it will still be expensive.

An open source low code platform Java is essentially a compromise between no code platforms and learning how to program. But even an open source low code platform PHP can be very demanding.

Using a no code or low code platform can save a company a lot of time. And with Appmakr, Appy Pie, Mendix, and Buildfire, there are a lot of options. But Lumavate is the only option that provides no code PWA apps with free tiers of service. Sign up for Lumavate today!

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