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Mobile Application Software

Mobile Application Software

With mobile being the centerpiece of marketing and software, companies are spending thousands on their mobile strategies. While a big focus is making their websites responsive on mobile devices, another strong focus involves building apps. But while the common way to build apps was usually through developers building native apps, organizations are now taking app building into their own hands. This involves mobile application software. Keep reading to get an introduction to mobile application software, including the different types of mobile application software on the market today.

Different Types Available

When it comes to app building software, there are multiple types to consider. A few of these options include:

  • Low-code
  • No-code
  • Open source

Types of Apps to Make

After you’ve chosen your software, you are then given the power to build a variety of apps. We’ll now discuss some of the types of mobile apps with examples:

Native Apps

These apps can be built from most software, but these can only be used on either an Android or iOS device. To find these in the Android store, go to the all apps download section to find a native app that works for you! Facebook is a great example of a native app.

Progressive Web Apps

Another popular app type is Progressive Web Apps. These apps are built using web pages, and these apps can work across all mobile platforms! Check out the types of mobile application PDF document to learn more!

Lumavate’s App Building Software

If you want to create amazing apps in a fraction of the time, then Lumavate is the mobile app development software solution you need! And better yet, you don’t need any coding experience at all to build apps through our platform. Our team of developers have created a sophisticated platform for marketers that allows users to design apps very quickly. We also provide many tools and resources so app-makers can become app building pros in no time! One reason we’re different than our competitors is that we’re the only no-code app building platform that uses Progressive Web Apps! These apps can be accessed at any time and their app icons appear on your home screen just like the native apps you’re used to!

App Development Software for Beginners

Have you dreamed of building apps, but never thought you could because you know nothing about coding? Well now your dreams can become a reality! Lumavate’s platform is perfect for beginners thanks to the user-friendly features and many tools that you can utilize for any app that you’re designing. Try us out today!

Examples of Mobile Applications

In order to have a deeper understanding of how Lumavate works and the world of app building altogether, it’s best to learn about various examples of app building software. Keep reading to get a look at some of our competitors and how they differ from Lumavate.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a very popular app and many people consider it to be the most used app software on the market today. It works similarity to Lumavate by offering the ability to design apps with no coding experience needed. But the difference between them and us is that we deliver Progressive Web Apps, which has many benefits over the apps produced by Appy Pie.


AppSheet is another popular no-code mobile app builder on the market today. But just like Appy Pie, this software doesn’t allow users to utilize Progressive Web Apps. However, the key benefit of AppSheet is that they allow users to easily transform existing business data into enterprise-grade apps very quickly. But all in all, Lumavate offers even better tools and the ability to produce Progressive Web Apps can’t be beat!

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

As you hop in a time machine and travel back to just a few years ago, the only mobile apps that were built were native apps. These types of apps were built for both Android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to developing these apps, a developer had to design Android app development software for Android devices, then design a completely different app and software for iOS. This annoyance and frustration lead to the invention of Progressive Web Apps.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Native apps have to store a lot of data. To store this data, it uses the available space on your phone or other mobile device. But as our devices are flooded with pictures, videos, and data from other apps, space is very limited, which leads to limiting yourself on the number of apps you can own. With Progressive Web Apps, data is stored on the World Wide Web, which provides almost an unlimited amount of storage.

The Lumavate Difference

Interested in Progressive Web Apps? If so, Lumavate is the software you need! Not only do you get to experience the power of Progressive Web Apps, but you don’t need any coding experience at all to create breathtaking apps quickly! So while it may be tempting to choose that Android app maker software free download, you should understand that they don’t provide the amazing tools like we do at Lumavate!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

Given that people are using their phones far more than they use their computers, it's obvious that your mobile strategy should be a top priority. In fact, according to App Annie, 194 billion app downloads were made in 2018 alone. Given that insane number, it’s a no-brainer to make mobile a strong focus at your company—and that revolves around building mobile apps.

Ignore Free Builders

If you do a quick internet search for mobile app builders, many of the results will claim that they offer free app building software. While their software may be free, these companies offer very limited features and guidance when it comes to building apps. You may see companies saying that they’re the best free app builder or they offer high-quality free app development software. However, if you want to make a lasting impact with your audience and not run into any problems, then you need to choose a dependable software company like Lumavate. Although we don’t offer an app creator software free download, we do provide very flexible pricing options that are suited for your specific needs.

What About Website to App Free Software?

As you’re scrolling through the search results regarding mobile software, you may also see website to app free software. These companies claim that they have the best free app development software that allows users to quickly turn their website into a mobile app. However, you should also stay away from these companies. Whether you see an ad regarding mobile apps for Android free download or one for app development software for beginners free, you should ignore those completely and give Lumavate a call!

Starter Kits: Lumavate Mobile App Design Templates

While you may have decided to give Lumavate a try, you may still be confused about how to get started. That’s where our Starter Kits can help! These can help you get started in a few different ways:

Library of Elements

If you want to build a remarkable app from scratch, then the Lumavate Library of elements is a great place to start! Here you’ll find a wide variety of different elements that you can easily add to your app creation to quickly design amazing apps in minutes! There is a large variety of different elements so feel free to get creative and you’ll be sure to design an app that’ll blow your audience away!

Mobile App Design Templates

Not sure where to start with app-making? Need guidance and a little direction to get started? If so, try out our Starter Kits! These are essentially app templates where we’ve done all the hard work for you already—all you have to do is add in your own information and content, then you can deliver an amazing app in just a few hours! Not only can this lead to incredible apps, but this can give you ideas and inspiration to crank out tons of apps in the near future. We even have categories of mobile apps, which allows you to find a template with ease!

Free Tools

Another exceptional benefit of our platform is that we provide many tools to help you become an app-making pro! After browsing through our tools, you’ll be sure to find a free mobile app UI design tool that’s perfect for you! This is the ideal way to really get into mobile software design.

Mobile App Prototyping

Another feature we offer is the ability to preview your app before it's published! But before you get started, you should list the uses of mobile application software as it pertains to your company.

Types of Apps Created

To get a better sense of what an app should look like, we can even show you a simple mobile application example. But to understand the typical apps you can create, take a look at our list of mobile applications you can design with Lumavate:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show
  • And more!

A List of Brands with Progressive Web Apps

Given the many benefits of Progressive Web Apps, some of the top companies in the world are utilizing these types of apps. Some of these companies are the largest on the planet and they use Progressive Web Apps to power their mobile app strategy. Take a look at the following smartphone apps list of companies who use Progressive Web Apps:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Walmart
  • Tumblr
  • Starbucks
  • And much more!

Accessibility is Key

So out of all mobile software download options out there, why are many of the top apps built as Progressive Web Apps? The biggest reason is due to accessibility. Progressive Web Apps allow users to use these apps at all times—even when they’re offline. And given that the app data is stored on a server and not on the phone, this is why the app names list includes some of the largest companies in the world.

No More Separate Development for Android and iPhone

One of the most annoying factors involved with native app development is that these apps have to be created separately—one for Android and one for iOS. There never used to be a way to design one app and then have it work for all devices—until now! Progressive Web Apps allow users to design an app once, then watch it work on any mobile device using any mobile operating system. This can save thousands of hours in development time and thousands of dollars you would’ve spent paying developers. So instead of heading to the app store to see all Android mobile software download options, just understand that these apps can only be used for Android devices. So if you have an iOS device, that same app may not be available.

Lumavate Is the Answer

Tired of looking around for an Android software download for PC? Looking for an Android mobile software download that works for your needs? If so, look no further than Lumavate! Not only can you easily crank out tons of apps through our platform, but we’ll supply you with the perfect Android UI design tool online free of charge within our platform!

Mobile App Development Trends

While it’s obvious that there is a trend involving mobile application software download options, it's also important to note that there is a trend with open source mobile app development. Open source mobile app development software involves software where the source code is released under a license and the copyright holder grants permission for others to use the software however they wish. This allows companies to build apps using the source code rather than developing apps from scratch. However, this isn’t the only way that apps are built. While you should never trust mobile app design software free of charge, you should understand the other common ways that apps are built. Be sure to do research on the web where you can find a mobile app mockup free of charge, and be sure to also check out this mobile application PDF that shows you the different options you have when it comes to app development.

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