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Mobile App Development Company

If you're looking into mobile app development, you may have noticed that the mobile app development companies list is long. But much of this technology isn't developed for beginners, or if it is, the app company may not have the features that your company needs to design a slick, professional app. Here’s what you need to know before partnering with either a digital experience platform or just a mobile app development company. 

If you want to know how to create a digital experience without coding skills, the answer is Lumavate. Lumavate is the only no code app builder for building Progresssive Web Apps (PWAs). With no code platforms, your developers just need to know how they want the app to look and act. They don't need specialized knowledge or a computer background: these are app development tools for non-programmers, which makes Lumavate one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in the world. Just because a company is on the list of publicly traded app development companies, doesn’t make it the best. Build an app today with Lumavate for free. 

What are Progressive Web Apps? In many ways, they're the best technology for digital experience development. Native apps are entirely separate applications that live on your users' devices. They need to be separately programmed and maintained. Progressive Web Apps can link directly to your organization's existing website. It looks like an app and functions like an app, but it's accessed through the web. And if you want, you only need to maintain a single content channel. Lumavate is the only no code mobile app development company for marketers with PWAs. 

If you're looking for the best mobile development company, check out Lumavate. Not only does Lumavate come with an easy, no code interface, but it also comes with a built-in library that includes some of the most popular features you might need.

App Development Companies Near Me

We always want what’s familiar. Many of us search for “pizza places near me” to find the best place to dine, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing for mobile app development? We’re here to explain that the best mobile app company isn’t necessarily next door. If your company does choose to outsource app development, proximity to the team is important in order to keep tabs on how the progress of the app build is going. You may find yourself Googling for “app development companies near me”, or “mobile app development company near me”. But with Lumavate, app development is finally in your own hands and under your own roof. This enables you to cut the middle man and create apps fast, and expand your search to companies other than “local app developers near me”.

We consider ourselves lucky to call Indianapolis home. But we don’t just serve the Indianapolis community, we have marketers all over the world building apps on the Lumavate platform. The list of mobile application development companies in USA are typically focused on serving apps to American users, which have some of the most advanced smartphones and networks in the world, however Lumavate is aware that in order to reach a worldwide audience, we have to ensure that our mobile apps and mobile experiences are accessible even in low-service areas or on outdated devices. That’s why we chose to have every app built on the Lumavate platform delivered as a Progressive Web App. Mobile app development services are a broad search, and can leave marketers feeling overwhelmed by their choices. App development USA has grown in popularity with marketers, as the time consumers spend on their smartphones reached four hours in 2020, according to App Annie. So when searching for a mobile app development company in USA, make sure Lumavate is on your list. Lumavate is a digital experience platform headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, that enables marketers to build digital experiences and apps without code.

Top Mobile Application Development Companies in the World

The need for mobile apps is universal–not only among all brands but also among all consumers! When you choose to build a mobile app, you’ll want to ensure you develop with a worldwide audience in mind. In order to do this, some companies may focus on outsourcing to app development companies UK, looking for the top mobile app development companies in India, or even cast a wider net for the top mobile application development companies in the world! But the top app development companies London has can’t compete with Lumavate.

With Lumavate, every app you build is delivered as a Progressive Web App, which means it’s going to be accessible no matter the device or browser. This means you can be confident you’re reaching your audience with the best mobile experience, no matter where in the world they are. And if you’re worried about cost with mobile app development, don’t be. Traditionally, mobile app development can be pricey, which is why many search for “app development cost India” for a lower price. But with Lumavate, you can build an app for free

Who Are Mobile App Developers?

There are many different types of mobile app developers depending on what the platforms and services they offer. The search for “mobile app developers near me” has increased in search volume as more organizations are realizing the importance of mobile marketing. Some cheap app developers India has may not be able to provide the same services as the companies that appear when you search for “freelance app developers near me”. Here’s where the benefit of Lumavate comes don’t have to look for an “app developer school near me” anymore. With Lumavate, you don’t have to have any prior coding experience to build an app. Lumavate is the only no code mobile app platform for marketers that deploys Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs work on almost any device and form factor. And with Lumavate, you no longer have to search “app developer salary UK” or “app developer contact number”. Building an app on Lumavate is free and the best part is you can get started immediately. Create an account on Lumavate here.

What’s the Difference Between an Android and iOS App Development Company?

In this digital-first world, many of the advancements in technology are surrounding mobile devices. From the capabilities of these devices to the apps that run on them, mobile is becoming extremely relevant in society today. And with this growth in mobile technology comes the growth in mobile applications. But as organizations now understand the need to connect with their customers on mobile, they may not realize the many options at their fingertips when it comes to building apps. So if you’re wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of apps on the market today, you’ll have to understand the different types. Many users are frustrated with the Clubhouse app because the app hasn’t been built for Android users...which is why you should consider Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) over native mobile apps. Take a look at the different types of apps out there:

Native Apps

Native apps are the standard when it comes to building apps, but the tide is starting to change rapidly. When native apps are built, they can only be used on the operating system they’re built for. The difference between an Android and iOS app development company is when building a mobile app, you have to build separately for each operating system. A common list of native apps includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are just like regular websites on a computer, but elements of the website are edited to fit on mobile screens. This involves special development in order for page elements to display properly on mobile devices. These websites are accessed through a browser on a mobile device, and many of them work very similarly to mobile apps. The next example might be for you if you’ve been searching for web and app development companies. 

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App is an app that utilizes web capabilities to create an outstanding web experience. These apps function just like normal apps, but they use websites for data storage and functionality, instead of the storage on your mobile device. That being said, compared with websites and native apps, PWAs are much more beneficial. With PWAs, there’s no separate development for Android or iOS. So you don’t have to look for an “Android app developer near me” anymore. So if you’re deciding between a hybrid, native or web app, then a web app is the best choice for your needs. So if you’ve been searching, “web app development near me?” go ahead and give Lumavate a try! Getting started is free.

App Design Company

What’s your goal for your mobile project? Is it to drive a high number of downloads? Or is it to witness a high number of returning users? Your answer should be the second one. Your mobile app should provide engaging content for users, so much so they keep on returning to the experience. You could drive the highest number of first-time downloads, but it doesn't reflect the true value of the app compared to returning users. So, how do you accomplish that? Through great mobile design. 

Mobile app design is a crucial element of the user experience. You’ll want to keep in mind consumers are spending a record-breaking amount of time on their mobile device, so you have to design your mobile experience with mobile in mind first. First, consider reachability. Reachability is about how far a user’s hand has to reach across the screen to navigate the app. Stop making users reach all the way to the upper left-hand corner of their mobile phones! Also, be mindful of gestures and actions on the device you’re designing for. A great app design company will tell you to recognize that the swipe up action differs between Android and iPhone users. Did you know you didn’t have to search for “app designers near me” anymore? You can become the best app designer using Lumavate...and you don’t even need an extensive mobile app development company portfolio PDF to build an amazing app.  After reading our Mobile Design Swipe File, you could design an engaging mobile app in just a few hours.

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