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Mobile App Design Software

Mobile App Design Software

Every single day, the majority of us spend a great deal of time on mobile apps. From getting driving directions to playing that new addicting game, mobile apps are driving the world. But have you ever thought of how these amazing apps are built? These apps have so many features and capabilities, so how is it all even possible? In this day and age, app building software is what makes apps come to life.

App Development

While app-building software has really advanced over the years, it hasn’t always been the standard way to build apps. Typically, a process called native app development was the standard procedure for building mobile applications. However, the developer building the app needed to be very knowledgeable about confusing and technical coding languages.

Coding Knowledge

Many  apps today are still built with coding language. But the key is that much of the app-building software already comes with pieces already built by code. Back in the day, developers were required to know code in order to build apps. But with the emergence of app making software, the need to build apps without code is a thing of the past. 

App Development Software for Beginners

The app-building software today is so powerful, users don’t even have to know about coding in order to build amazing apps. One of those software options that we’ll be featuring today is Lumavate. Lumavate is a powerful software solution that allows users to build top-notch apps in just a few hours! But users don’t build just any app, they build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). A Progressive Web App is an app that works over the web, instead of on the app itself. Everything is processed on the cloud, but the app looks just like the normal apps were used to. Check out our Choosing Your Mobile Champion eBook as a resource to help you determine the best app-building options for your mobile strategy. And while you might see app creator software free download options on the web, Lumavate is the leader no code builder out there. 

Mobile App Builder

Many of the apps you see today are made possible thanks to a mobile app builder. This type of software makes it extremely easy to build apps, and some software choices even let users build apps without any coding language needed. This works because a lot of the apps are already built - the user just has to enter in their own information in order for the app to come alive. This allows users to build apps extremely fast, which can certainly boost efficiency within a business!


If you want to do some research on some of the app builders on the market today, we've included a list below of some of the popular options out there. These app builders all have different features and capabilities, so it’s best to understand your needs before choosing a solution. Check out the list here:

  • Buildfire
  • Fluid UI
  • Appery
  • Mobile Roadie
  • The App Builder
  • Bootstrap
  • Lumavate

Some of these options include free trials and great features. The Bootstrap mobile app template free download options are particularly popular among users. However, while there are tons of app builders on the market, you should really take the time to consider what type of mobile app you need.

Consider Your Mobile Strategy

Although the app builders of today are a lot more affordable compared to native app development, they do still cost thousands of dollars. And on many occasions, companies will invest in a mobile app when it doesn’t really align with their mobile strategy. In fact, many organizations will develop apps just because their competitors are doing it. For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the Rand Fishkin podcast episode on the Mobile Matters podcast here at Lumavate. He dives deeper into why companies shouldn’t build mobile apps only because everyone else is doing it.

Android App Development Software

Building an Android app can be a long and difficult process. Typically, Android apps are built as native apps by a developer. These professionals are very knowledgeable about various coding languages, and it takes quite some time to build these apps from scratch. In order to build these apps, you’ll need Android app development software. Java is the coding language you'll need to know, and Android Studio is the standard software used to develop these apps. However, there are many Android app builders on the market today and some even come with Android app maker software offline solutions and some are even free!

Free Options

If you’re looking for Android app development software, then you have some free options to consider. But if you really want the best selection of Android app design template options, then it’s best to go with paid versions. But if you want to get a taste of how this free software works, then you may want to try an Android app maker software free download. Some of these options even offer Android app maker software offline for PC capabilities.

Separate Development

While an Android app maker software offline free download solution can help you build apps, you’ll need a separate development process if you want an app to also work on iOS devices. So whether you find the very best Android UI design tool online free solution or you find Android UI templates source code free of charge, you’ll only receive apps that work on Android devices. If you want a simple app-building process that creates apps that will work on all devices, then Lumavate is what you need!

App Mockup Tool

When building apps, it’s always best to get a visual representation of what the app will look like. This helps businesses to determine where changes need to be made and how the app will appear for users. 

Rapid Website Prototype Tool

While an app mockup tool can be extremely useful when building apps, being able to see the app mockup quickly makes the tool even more useful. This is called rapid prototyping. And luckily, you can even find some free prototyping tools in this day and age. However, some of these free options may be very limited in their capabilities, so be sure to check reviews and test out a few different options. No matter the direction you take, utilizing a paid or free UI design tool like prototyping can help you create the ideal apps you had in mind. Remember, you’ll want to utilize all of the free mobile app UI design tool options that can help you create stunning apps!

Mobile App Design Templates

Another key feature of many app builders involves templates. Templates can really help to speed up the app-building process and they are especially useful when just starting out with a platform. And with how advanced app-building software has become over the years, there are tons of templates that can help you build a wide variety of apps.

Envision the App

Just like the free app prototyping tools we were talking about earlier, templates also help to envision the finished app while it’s being developed. These templates were already built  - all you have to do is input your own info, then your app can come to life in minutes! And with the help of templates, you can see how your app will look before it’s even finished!

Starter Kits

Lumavate is proud to offer some of the best app templates in the industry! While we don’t offer a material design UI Android template app free download, we do provide a long list of amazing templates for signing up on our platform! In addition, we also have our Lumavate Library, which includes tons of different design elements that can help you design the apps of your dreams. Our templates are called Starter Kits and they’re perfect for those just starting out on our platform. So instead of looking for a website to APK online free solution or a database app creator software free download for PC option, we do provide very user-friendly Starter Kits and tools that are far better than the competition!

Appy Pie

One app-building platform that we’ll feature is called Appy Pie. We’ll provide an Appy Pie review that dives into the platform’s features, pricing, capabilities, and more. This app builder is a top choice for many users and many people are impressed with this user-friendly platform.

Appy Pie Features

Take a look at some of the features that Appy Pie highlights on their website:

  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Ability to send push notifications
  • Real-time analytics
  • App updates in real-time
  • No coding skills needed
  • Ability to build apps in minutes
  • Free version available called Snappy Appy Pie

AppyPie Pricing

Appy Pie offers a few different pricing options. These options are paid monthly and the user gets more features by paying an additional fee. The monthly fees range from $18 to $60.

Appy Pie Examples

According to the Appy Pie website, they specialize in building the following app features:

  • Stores
  • Food orders
  • Directories
  • Chat rooms
  • Social features

Why Choose Lumavate?

Lumavate not only offers a free account, but we do provide a better platform for building apps compared to Appy Pie. One of the reasons involves the Appy Pie bandwidth that seems to be lacking. Another downfall is the Appy Pie dashboard, which seems to lack many key features.

Best App Builder 2019

While there are tons of app builders out there, that means that you must do thorough research before choosing one for your organization. After all, you would hate to regret your decision after spending your dedicated budget. That being said, be sure to scour the web to find which platforms have been leading the pack year after year. You’ll want to do a Google search for the best app builder 2022, the best app builder 2021, and the best app builder for 2020. While doing these searches, try to look for platforms that consistently make the list of top platforms year after year. To provide further assistance, you should check out our Build vs. Buy infographic that can help you out through the process of finding a solution. Also, if you want to get more detailed, you might even want to check the list on what was the best free app builder 2019 solution. As you look throughout these lists, you’ll probably see Lumavate quite a bit. We have worked hard to become a top app-building platform and we’ve been helping marketers learn how to create a mobile app for the past four years.

Free Design App

When looking to build a mobile app, users will look for a free design app and a free mobile app builder. Using these two sources will help you create amazing apps that look great. Here are some examples of mobile app design software free of charge:

  • Lumavate
  • Canva
  • Gravit Designer
  • Pixlr
  • Sumo Paint

Some of these tools even have mobile app mockup free options, so be on the lookout for those.

Website to App Free

On many occasions, businesses want to build an app from their website. In fact, some providers even offer free app development software for doing this. However, Lumavate is the best app development software for beginners free of charge. Lumavate is well worth it thanks to our incredible Starter Kits. We have a ton of resources for users to design beautiful apps in minutes and our features are some of the best in the industry!

eCommerce Mobile App Design

While many different industries can benefit from a mobile app, that is especially true in the eCommerce space. Ecommerce stores need apps to connect with customers, showcase their products, and to promote events and specials. That being said, if you own an eCommerce store, then you may want to build an app right away. In fact, there are even eCommerce mobile app design PSD free download solutions out there. Ecommerce mobile app design templates are also very common and they are becoming very advanced today. Furthermore, Progressive Web Apps are the apps that many eCommerce stores are focusing on. That being said, be sure to research the web to find eCommerce mobile app template free download options that can help your store thrive!

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